From the CCTV economic and law programs on sea love exposure keyword promotion

most bosses are thought to do a website, and then cast a promotion, and then his waiting orders. The result is spent a lot of money to do a so-called very atmosphere of the FLASH website, in the promotion also spent a lot of money, but basically no effect. This is why? The tidal Shanghai dragon talk about some personal views.

recently, CCTV exposure of the economy and the law of love Shanghai phoenix nest auction false website spread, more money can be ranked first. Dongguan Shanghai Longfeng tidal studio did not wish to comment on this. Just a short program, Beijing copper doors and windows company received love Shanghai telephone company, said advertising costs 2000 yuan a day are finished this festival attracted the attention of Shanghai dragon tide. Because their main products are copper, so they will choose the words "bronze". Click on the said 06 years is three or four dollars, to 2010 reached ten dollars for one click; said the original 2000 yuan at least a month before the end of the day by now on the run.

love Shanghai love Shanghai, but the real reason is more important to customers who do not know how to use the internet. Shanghai dragon tide that promotion expenses of 2000 yuan a day on the run is a very normal phenomenon. Take the bronze word, the word is certainly the biggest competition in the industry, assuming that one click is 10 yuan, about 200 times a day, click, then 2000 yuan a day out is quite normal. Because the price of keywords is not immutable and frozen, not to say that the original did a few cents at a time, a few dollars at a time, it is always the price. The price of keywords with the increasingly fierce market competition is certainly rising, click on a ten to twenty dollars is still relatively cheap, a little expensive word hits one hundred dollars or even a few hundred dollars are. I believe that many business owners are not thought.

took the tide of Shanghai Longfeng usually contact with customers. Usually received customers come is the most popular word of the newspaper industry, and then asked the price asked the time effect. Before writing this article, Shanghai dragon has just finished reception tide a customer, he is the sale of office supplies, to consult the optimization of the word "stationery" how much money.

from the key point of view, with the words "bronze" as an example. First of all to see such a word, to tide Shanghai dragon first feeling is the enterprise network marketing before without a good positioning and planning. Shanghai Longfeng tide to do business for promotion has a very vivid metaphor. Do the promotion in Shanghai, like in an alley and we opened a company, then in the alley on the side of the road, erected a billboard, write the name of the company, advertisement, contact telephone number, also drew an arrow pointing to the alley, write "50 meters forward", and the daily average of 10000 people across the lane will pass.

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, this analogy is not.

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