The Shanghai times do break the normal procedure Longfeng workers

second, Shanghai dragon work in all day and.

, our youth learning optimization and promotion of the occasion, all know the complexity of this work: to fierce competition, boring. You should keep calm, study summary. Well, 2012 webmaster industry we have too much too horrible to look at All the world knows., colleagues, pull hair, sacked numb and give up. What is more, business owners have been difficult in: the variability of search engine algorithm, competitive bidding mechanism, Shanghai Dragon technology development is not perfect, uneven, complexity of employees……


first, Shanghai dragon theory update.

many people feel is equal to the ranking optimization, so the algorithm is changeable, the ranking is not stable, the site was K, the webmaster will become Nothing is right.. In fact, we just critical website ranking a job. "

1, the content of the website website ranking

can be said to internal web site optimization + high-quality original content + good user experience. No matter what the enterprise website is a platform to show them. This platform we need webmaster to maintain, such as the construction of a good ", good planning details, editing quality articles and pictures, do some improvements in user experience. As long as doing this platform, network optimization, network operators can be possible.

put aside these negative elements, whether you are a beginner when the passion? Webmaster doomed not afraid of difficulties, challenges and competition, we should study and sum up and rebirth. In other words, we have to do with the Shanghai dragon break the normal procedure, workers.

and I remember Hubei veteran discussion, I said Shanghai dragon WHY based tutorial by myself, deepen the Zac "Shanghai dragon combat code", a thorough search engine based on knowledge of love of Shanghai, why do the station still have such problems? The friend said, 08 years of technology you use to do optimization 12 years, you say? Indeed, many practitioners for a long time master who are stuck in a rut, such as speaking of classified information, I think, 58 list, Yideng, kovo; a speaking blog think of sina, 163, and one day; the forum is about why, Admin5, Shanghai dragon limited. Think again, speaking of Shanghai dragon is within the chain, chain, chain, high pure original, user experience. At the end of the article, or write about, to the same site outside the chain.


new year, but we are still miserable industry network optimization. Countless children in confusion, anger, and give up the edge of tucao. Not until the end of the year, resignation, change jobs, and switch to the field are the most popular keywords. However, it is not a short duration of time to switch things, not to mention "the crow is black.".

The year of

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