The webmaster how much patience to see the wonders of Shanghai Dragon

maybe, I said this sentence is really a bit earlier. The Shanghai dragon effect only half a year, a year to see the real effect. However, I would like to ask, how many people have the patience to see the wonders of Shanghai dragon. More than a month less time? Every day so hard to write articles, do the chain. Study summary. However, the site is included every check point, every day to check the chain is a little more. Why is the name of the web site or search to search their own websites, even the least competitive keywords are not search. Tell the truth。 Shanghai dragon really let me down. More than a month, I did not see what effect, even if the search site name you can search to my site. But, no, what did not. The name of the website to search keywords, so many do not search. Really sad.

learning for more than a month, Shanghai dragon. There is also a site on their own side while learning, practice. Every day to update the original article, the chain every day. However, more than a month later. In the eyes of Shanghai dragon true? When we started the fantasy, if Shanghai dragon master, how will. However, more than a month later. What did get a little return, but. Worse.

just in the Shanghai dragon WHY forum to see a post. Shanghai dragon is a long process, there must be a common attitude to. I think a problem, if I do not know Shanghai Longfeng, what. Since he knows Shanghai dragon. When writing writing keywords always thinking. Every day of the chain. Where to take your own office. Shanghai said that dragon is a natural, but there are a few people do. Which staff wrote Shanghai Longfeng do not want to add keywords, which people do not want to do outside the chain, and those who do not want to add more words to the.

I want to know what is the reason why. Is the cause of the new or updated article? My original degree is not high, or too much garbage outside the chain chain. A few days ago, I changed a few pages on the website standard standard millet. If the site is down right. Love Shanghai site, the domain instruction can not find their own homepage. In order to restore as soon as possible, I think every day the original article, the chain. But still no effect. My heart is in a hurry, or method. I’m impatient. I want to know what other people have encountered such a situation not urgent? There are a few real master Shanghai Longfeng problems do not worry, not impatient.

Shanghai dragon, so magical by other people say. However, they did not see. Others is also a day to update the original article, the chain. Rank >

found himself really have little patience. In fact, I also know that Shanghai, the need for a very long time to see the effect. However, if to do so much, not a little effect if anyone would be frustrated. I don’t know what other people are not Shanghai, and I have the same idea.

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