The Shanghai dragon technical staff analysis website six steps

and clear the enemy we can search through the web site keywords core, and compared the content of the site probably determine the effective competition, identify at least 5 more competitive sites next to a link, or on a website can not explain the problem.

understand each website including time, website weight, a snapshot of your own PR value (the same period), domain name age, search engine, search engine home station link chain, the mainstream search engines situation. The search engine can be clearly positioned to fall in love with the sea, many search engines too tired, sometimes lazy under wood is also problematic.

use chain detection tool love Shanghai Webmaster Platform obtained outside the chain of data from different sites, the total number of all links to contrast, and then downloaded to the local, compared each site’s home page links, and the anchor text links. It should be noted that the anchor text is more biased in favor of the vocabulary is likely that competitors are more interested in terms of which, can also link to the anchor text most was the website ranking, then you can explain this.

2, basic data to understand their website:

like weight, PR value, domain name, age time snapshot can be obtained by Shanghai dragon tools, such as the integrated query tool Chinaz, obtain the weight, mainly in order to clear through the search engine can bring much traffic to us, under normal circumstances, I would make the estimated value of the flow divided by using tools of the total sum multiplied by 60% of these tools to query, finally the data obtained are relatively accurate. The PR value for want to know these websites on the Internet links and link quality, of course, we can conclude that, the PR value high (not necessarily ranking) the quality of the link or range is relatively wide, the quality is relatively high.

analysis of the website is basically divided into two categories: one is we enter into a new company, the difference of competitors and their own website does not understand, the industry may be just contact; second is to help others get a commission of Shanghai Longfeng scheme. Of course, the latter should have the self analysis ability of the website, but also can learn from my practice way to do better, let’s talk about the following 6 aspects of the site need Shanghai Longfeng technical staff analysis.

many friends always in a small series of QQ, micro-blog, WeChat public platform asked a huge problem, that is how to do technical personnel in Shanghai Longfeng analysis website. This problem is not one or two words can be said clearly, so I think through this article expounds 6 steps of analysis of the website.

1, identify competitor:

there is no doubt that the site is clear key element analysis of competitors, we only know who is the enemy, and through some way of understanding about the situation of the enemy, to defeat the enemy, or blind siege may suffer heavy casualties.

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