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February 7, 2012 PR reverse understanding love Shanghai

primary domain name and the number of backlinks in February 7, 2012 PR

domain name is a new beginning, for old and new sites are so. Users can find you, but to search engine is a new understanding of the new "you", and then again slowly come to accept you". This time I experienced the website using the old domain (the general sense of a domain name: www ") operation after half a year, in the absence of any case of a jump change into the two level domain (non www"). For half a month’s time, love Shanghai not included new domain name. Web site operators or data speak. The two level domain name than a domain name promotion difficult where? Look at the data.

looked at the collapse site traffic flow, and then slowly rising, a lot of old friends on the site never abandon, for a new forum is a great encouragement. Uneasy as early as disappear interact with users, in the PR value after the update, the results of the work to become a sure, with the first line on the website, are included, the PR value, keyword ranking is the same. The new result is very gratifying, the PR value of his indispensable contribution. He is a newcomer, "entered the field of Internet drive a duck onto a perch", then you cannot do without. Love the unknown and excitement, love this love to see the change rapidly, psychology, and users to communicate directly. This is a year, the feeling of personal transformation. But the key is not to explain this. As in previous articles, send out small complaints, and then continue to return to. Many previous experience are behind the experience of overthrow, but is indeed an indelible experience. The Internet is like this, the sun rises after the face, may be another sunny day.

love Shanghai

two level domain than the reverse link level domain name 4 times higher, and has the high quality of the chain, such as the Shanghai love Wikipedia, soft link, but the PR value is the same. According to our understanding of the principle of the PR value calculation, the reverse link more PR value is higher, the quality of reverse link higher PR value is higher, then the number of the chain two level domain name so high should be higher than the original PR value of the domain name? (in the same site architecture and other factors under the premise). The answer is negative. "

the evening of February 6, 2012, noble baby PR value update, the new domain name website replacement won 3 pr. About the domain name change injury please refer to another article "the website domain name change of injury". In the replacement of the domain name at the beginning, which is the last year in late November, the new domain name and domain name of the future promotion of old ideas in a bleak, now still remember the domain name change after uneasiness. With all the anxiety, insist every day update, keep the content quality requirements on the hair of the chain, in the face of an unfamiliar area, led by new slowly forward.

The new

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