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from the above meaning, we know the difference between static pages and dynamic pages is the largest is including some dynamic elements, and these dynamic elements for early search engines will cause the search engine spiders cannot read, because is the change, search engine will think it is a number of different URL, it will not stop to crawl the dynamic URL address, resulting in "the search engine spider hole".

In this paper, author: Zhang Qiya

knows that the search engine in the end more love static page or dynamic page before, it is necessary to popularize knowledge about the basis of the website: what is the static page? Some of the dynamic elements, does not contain simple words such as "page URL?,%, &", as long as the page URL address contains these elements called the dynamic page.

贵族宝贝***.net/? P=167, the URL is dynamic, check it only contains a "?", it can be a lot of search engines. I have used this kind of dynamic URL done several websites, after a period of time, included several websites and rankings are very good. So in the end the search engine more love static page or dynamic page, I think it should be about the same.

website optimization, static page or dynamic page, has been a lot of optimization issue. Some owners said search engines love to climb some static pages, like beasts when hunting, always love go to capture real difficulty, objects, and these owners believe that this is a static page in the search engine of the beast’s eyes.

so early search engine for dynamic pages is not really love, and more willing to grab a static page. But with the development of search engine technology, every search engine company statement can crawl and grab dynamic pages, dynamic pages and static pages alike, including Google and love Shanghai, soso.

talk about my own personal views, because the search engine’s progress, but also a very good crawl and crawl for dynamic pages. So, in the URL dynamic elements as little as possible circumstances, can use the dynamic page. Here to give you one example, 贵族宝贝***.net/wp-login.php? reauth=1; such a site, it is obviously a dynamic URL page, but too many dynamic elements it contains, so it is for the search engine is not friendly, is not available.

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