Talk about several reasons causing the site in Shanghai dropped the love

!As a result of source code!Compared to

2) website may have been changes in the near future, it is not the website keywords, the replacement of the template or


is the so-called "content is king, the chain for emperor", many website rankings are piled up on the outside of the chain, if you release the chain in some other forum or website that is deleted, it will affect the site ranking, so webmaster want to restore the original ranking and the best solution is to get the chain back!

cheating owners would love to punish Shanghai, according to the optimization of excessive or cheating, received the punishment is not the same. Because the search engine to maintain the rules, to maintain a fair, if a web site through the use of search engine algorithm vulnerability, the rapid increase of the ranking, or by means of black hat cheating, let a foot into words ranking. Not only hurt the user experience, hurt other quality sites, there are fairness, contrary to its own so, for this type of website is the beginning of love will give Shanghai the decline of the warning, if you don’t correct then the next step is K! < / p>The original

to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster, the most afraid of encounter is the decline in ranking, if the owners do not know why the website ranking will drop, might as well put the site with the following reasons for contrast, see if the following examples are not consistent with your website

!Excessive optimization and optimization of

website ranking drop one of the most common causes of the host space is the webmaster has been concerned, if your site currently used space regular isn’t open, or special access speed slow, in the sand to advise you to buy a good quality space to replace this problem the space, otherwise the next station is not to face the problem of ranking drop

4) website optimization or excessive Fletcher keywords, which is love Shanghai think cheating punished

, Google or some other domestic search engine, love Shanghai more hate a less stable website, if you frequent changes to the site keywords, or many of the website template is modified, so why not drop website ranking

PS: Although the sand to also feel you have eight points. So, but still want to remind the webmaster, the best control number when the release of the chain, the chain should not be increased too much in a short period of time, otherwise not only can not help to the website, but also make the site by the love of Shanghai to punish

3) site outside the chain of serious loss, lead to the chain of "quantity" problem and affect the site’s ranking

1) web site space or the server is not stable, not slow access speed is often not open

strange thing!

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