How to make love to you create wealth Shanghai artificial words

now many webmaster headache is love Shanghai to control sensitive words, the so-called love Shanghai artificial word, small website is unable to achieve the home page, so we should also do a research in this area.

4, to the relevant inquiry platform do soft Wen, I think most people now know this skill, but most people are mistaken here, so I simply said once, many people know the time. With the release, QQ number, and some people are very smart, in order to prevent to be deleted by the administrator of the site and No. QQ to segment, or add some random letters and words, I tell you now have to die, at least the first customer is to know advertising, see your QQ segments together so much, think that you are cheating! So these little skill for fierce competition today is not ideal! Then we have what method? Is the opening of their own space, for example, when answering questions, said some of the best answer, thus >

but you think about, since love Shanghai not included station that we included what? Oh I get it! Love is the most love Shanghai included those large portals, large forum site, Shanghai certainly love their own products or row in these before, believe that we all know

2, to the relevant data storage sites, such as the love of Shanghai library, news library, 360doc and some of the SkyDrive download platform! Remember to do a previous article, this must be in accordance with the sales psychology to do! Or it is difficult to improve the conversion rate.

so I know several methods by test


what can we do? Can’t see such a hot word has been wasted! Of course, our approach is not to burn, I think now of artificial control word burn performance: 1, love Shanghai auction. 2, some people that know this word is not good to do still go to the optimization of investment. So the result is hard to earn the money to burn

1, to the right of major medical related website published an article, the article must not let people see that you are in written text, remember real cattle B soft text is not found to be soft.

3, related to the large portal published articles and blogs, it should pay attention to, not for you to go to hair, for example, many people now use the station group of hair Bowen, the effect will be the opposite. Such as: now do more intense is the Sina blog, you can look under the love of Shanghai, basically no artificial word first page Sina blog, because of cheating too much, so invalid. What we choose what to win? Remember, you just found is artificial word, home appears large portal blog, we will go to imitate, for example you see someone doing breast blog, then we’re going to use this blog platform to do spot removing posts. If you see the post posted on the home page design is very bad, and it is not conducive to Shanghai dragon, we completely overcome them, we can study their specific methods.

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