The web site is included mad increase 9340 examples to share


The situation and problems of

4, tag pages need to be included, this is also a lot of views, some people think that the tag page will reduce the weight of the inside pages, but also felt the tag page can increase the weight of the entire station.

1, the blog page ranking is good, the main keyword ranking can also. But the page is not ideal.

this site included the amount of mad increase 9340 examples to share is the "feather: I is how to do the first Hangzhou Shanghai dragon" and an example of my own operating share, very welcome to discuss and exchange. You’re not wrong, indeed as the title indicates, the website included the amount of mad increased by 9340; and this station you also does not need to guess, you now see my blog "Hangzhou site optimization, Shanghai dragon promotion plan, Google network marketing training company – Shanghai dragon feather |sem blog collection". Or the old rules on the map:

3, remove the individual pages in a good position, but no other page ranking, resulting in long tail keywords flow is very small.


5, WordPress plug-in xml-sitemap did not seem to function, to be verified.

from February 13th to 26, just 12 days time, collected from 448 immediately increased to 9340; the basic daily increase the amount collected nearly 1000. Perhaps you may now be very curious about what is happening? As long as you read this article will not feel very magical, actually feather is also take this opportunity to communicate with you about your website and the inside pages of content.


2, love Shanghai spider climb take more strange behavior, some pages basically do not.

2, the blog included not ideal, especially love Shanghai, ZhengZhan weight is still not high enough.

1, because it is a personal blog, I update enough, update is off, this also led to the snapshot is not timely.



analysis of feathers:

4, eventually lead to my site flow has not been very good, a lot of good content because it is not included, so no ranking, flow more impossible.

3, the chain within the chain and call manual procedures, should still be included, but is still not ideal, to find a reason.

5, for I am responsible for friends of friends do chain feedback that some people find our website is not enough, not enough new snapshot = =! I feel great pear ~~~

. I added a dedecms system on the site, the front page and the inside pages manually optimize the template, and several column content acquisition Admin5, ensure the collection update a day.

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