Website optimization and marketing how to do

2, website content – key link

believed that the majority of Shanghai dragon ER know all your weight, height of the website ranking largely depends on the quality of the website original content, many webmaster friends reproduced website content copied directly without modification or simply acquisition, this may be in love with the sea as a dumpster and not included or included slow. Take a look at the portals, every day a large number of original articles published this focus is the search engine quality included, among the website new article try to use the anchor text links, search engine spiders intercept convenient included in your new posts faster. We must adhere to the fixed time every day to update the original content, so the search engine spiders will be friendly to your site. The main factors of Web site keywords ranking is the key theme of station layout! Unity! Website title is the most important position of key words appear, but not too much 3-5 keyword Best descriptive statements appear best; but also should pay attention to the key words appear successively, according to our long-term observation of the keyword appears in the first website weight a title is higher than appeared in the back of the rankings so that the keyword and position is also very important.

website promotion channels – soft, at present, most of the webmaster is the main contribution behind, the owners of the home, all kinds of web portals, Shanghai dragon forum Shanghai Longfeng forum such as Shanghai dragon WHY, 28tui etc.. And reproduced in a certain period of time the program is very high. As long as you have the readability of the original, and not mislead the reader, I don’t want to just copy a bunch to muddle through, first your article should have readability, we believe that this very clear, if not even more readable, don’t light the other, readability is the basic requirements for soft writing that is, when users see this article can probably understand what you write about is what meaning, rather than after reading here unintelligible, do not know the cloud, not.

The best

every webmaster want to own site can increase the weight in a short period of time, ranking and traffic, take shortcuts like excessive collection, brush flow site optimization, is likely to lead to site is down right, is the consequence of "K". Shrimp experience, following several points of useful optimization and promotion experience:

website optimization and promotion of the

stable website layout is a manifestation of search engine friendly, usually do not go to change your layout (website template source), compared to other search engines love Shanghai is very sensitive and strict, even if you modify a key piece of code he knows. Google railway station was more friendly, as long as not serious cheating is generally not right down. So when the weight is low so as not to change the website template source, try to adapt to love Shanghai, after all, we also eat him.

how to do?

1, the stability of the site layout

3, website marketing soft –

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