The website only careful study of competitors to win

second: the website structure and content on the web site

structure is simple, fresh, well we highlight to show the business. Of course, to choose which kind of structure also have owners according to their own situation to choose, it is here to make an analogy, you don’t have to care about.

many webmaster friends love follow the flow, others see the website make money on the thought of don’t want to go to the construction site, because the result of funds and lack of strength and lose everything. Therefore, before the line understanding of competitors is a very important thing. How to understand? The author thinks that should start by searching the keywords to browse the site to rival industry. For example, I want to do is the website of Shanghai website construction of this piece, we can search "Shanghai site construction", "Shanghai station" and other industry keywords, then browse through the search results, the top ten websites, and then think of myself as an ordinary user, according to the needs of ordinary users to browse these sites and psychological look, the website which could make you get the favor, and then copy the URL of the website, the day after the construction of the website can refer to these sites, this is a very wise.

: the first line on the website before themselves as users browse website



, a website beauty is not enough, the content and structure is the site of all. Similarly, if we only study and imitate the opponent site appearance, it will only make our site to become a free soul to speak of a dead-alive person. This time we have to site content and structure to study the competition website. I think we should go to the website structure and content of competitors from below the details:

whether to engage in any industry, any things will have different competitors, so is the website optimization, love Shanghai home only gives us ten position, we must conquer rivals to get this one of ten positions. But when the opponent is powerful, we want to win is not easy, only through careful study of competition to be able to get a real victory. The old saying tells us that self-awareness he knows to win. In order to understand the opponent and ahead of the competition, we should do from what details? Here I come to you one by one and the analysis.


(1) site structure is varied, there are two column structure and three column type structure, we can according to our own industry to choose, if our industry is very professional, I like the above example "website construction", we can choose simple and neat website structure. As below:

(2) of the content of the website need to start from the internal links and the original of the website. We can copy four randomly selected to the five most recent posts to love Shanghai search box, if the repeat degree is high, that the original site is low, we can use a plateau also reflects the degree.

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