A common cause of website snapshot is updated and the solutions

Three, the lack of

solution: right down at the site of the time not fidget, many webmasters may heart a horizontal, since the fall in the ghost in the not afraid to die, in fact, this idea is wrong, this time need to be calm and calm. There are many reasons for the site right down, the most common space unstable failure, site structure and title, modify the content of the website and the chain changes, excessive optimization and other reasons, to find the real reason for the right to be reduced and revised, and then strengthen high quality content and the chain construction in the lower right period. The weight of your site is fully recovered, the weight of ascension website snapshot problems will be smoothly done or easily solved.

solution: in the chain of the new station observation period must first establish a certain number, it is like the chain construction of the bypass, more, visit your site spider spider probability will increase, but new sites in the establishment of the chain should follow the "appropriate" and "relevance", the nine to rise not eat eat a bucket principle, every 30 or so for the best, new sites crazy chain construction risk is very high also do not accord with the logic of search engine. In addition to the release of timing quantitative high quality content, the formation of a regular and let the spider find this law, under normal circumstances, 2 weeks or so, or the next day can keep up with the new snapshot.


cold will have many complications such as runny nose, sneezing and other symptoms, and this is very similar to the site to drop right. A drop right site will have one or more abnormal phenomenon, there is a common snapshot stop or a file, the website included, to reduce the amount of site is not the first home page, keywords ranking decline and disappear with the malignant.

The most common

snapshot not update occurs mostly in just create a new site soon, there will be a period of observation love Shanghai included your home page, in the observation period the new snapshot is still, almost every new sites will not be spared.

today to see a webmaster brothers wrote that website optimization is love and love Shanghai, I agree, but I can be very responsible to say that Shanghai is definitely a spider love love, inconstant lover, these days she might hell-bent fell in love with you, maybe next week she into another website "kept woman". >

in a few days ago I talked about the webmaster three one is bitter, bitter love Shanghai snapshot is not updated, not updated snapshot from the core reason to publish web content without a stable law and the construction of the chain is not in place, the two cat feel that this is the 2 most important factors. In the face of love Shanghai Tmall three face five face constantly changing the Tengu algorithm rules, many webmaster angry insomnia. If we blame love Shanghai believe you difficult to progress, more often need to find their own reasons and their own website. The snapshot is not updated for several reasons, and my solution for reference:

site is down right

, a new station in the observation period of


website content update

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