After the analysis of the 6 28 love Shanghai which produced changes

second: the love Shanghai K station mainly concentrated in the medical website and Taobao guest website, the influence of two sites is the largest, the two sites due to profiteering website, so their optimization method will be more inclined to the black hat Shanghai dragon, Taobao and spam off medical website is generated the most, the purpose is to obtain income, included, because industry is huge, even K they can build a new optimization, so Taobao customers and medical websites to begin to change the operation idea, can not hold the thigh love Shanghai live, at least this is not possible,

third: love Shanghai pay more attention to quality.

: the first love Shanghai still take the chain, but pay more attention to the user experience of the website itself, why do you say, the chain is still an important criterion to judge the weights of the website of love Shanghai, if there is a very high weight website on your website to recommend it, believe that your website ranking will be very the good outside chain there are two ways to play the effect, a number, another is the quality. The Shanghai dragon general practitioners (or no original ability has a lazy), most of them chose to replace the quality quantity, this can be from the previous A5 forum replies can be seen, if observed carefully, a post reply is very much, but most of the content is very garbage, not even any sense, they think in the signature to add their own links, and then to the forum to reply or send a ZhuTie, that they made a chain, before this method might be feasible, but now has to die. Love Shanghai has tired of this garbage outside the chain, the punishment that will affect the use of this method by the chain of the site, now love Shanghai pay more attention to the high quality of the chain, if you send the A5 web site to be included, if your post is fine, or fire, or to the people a lot of great quality and content, so this time the chain will you love Shanghai recognized, of course here also want to pay attention to the relevance of keywords. The chain of your hair well, will significantly affect the ranking, it is a thing of the past, from now on, love Shanghai station began to pay attention to the user experience, see here, please go back and look at your website is not pop, then look at your home is not a navigation bar, look at your article page is not the layout is reasonable, the internal optimization is not good. My opinion is that the contents of the article is to express the meaning of the title, the article did some new words for new words annotation explanation can be bold, and then add a love Shanghai Wikipedia links at the end, I believe love Shanghai encyclopedia to explain this noun enough authority, at the same time, there is no relevant reading, can help readers better to understand the contents of the article, this is the personal feeling of love Shanghai love article

believe that the love of 6.28 Shanghai K station incident has affected many webmaster, I often see this article on A5, personally think that the love of Shanghai K station has the effects as follows:

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