Do three details of the processing site included let fly

the author of the recent operation, due to the details of the deal, which included the amount has been reduced, as shown in figure

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sites included the level although there is no direct relationship with the weights, but the amount collected is we judge whether a site search engine recognition of the important way. Many owners in the forum often ask how to improve the amount collected, I think, for the level of the amount included in the site, in fact as long as do several aspects, the effect is very easy to see. The author thinks that there are three more important, dealing with invalid links. The two page residence time. The three page code is using the spider crawling. As long as do the three important work, to rapidly improve the site included quantity is very easy. Today I talk about their actual operation experience.

in website optimization, there is an element of the amount included in the impact is very big, it is invalid link. If our understanding of life habit, invalid links in the site is equivalent to the real life of the broken road, dead like, if you want to pass this way, without using any external features like walk but certainly. Invalid key link for spider crawling is the same as the same, we can analyze, when the spider into the site home page to crawl into each page, if invalid links in the site too much, it will naturally make the spider often crawling to a dead end, which not only affect the site in the eyes of the spider the image is more important, when the spider found your site were passing, nature will be the site for garbage sites found in the subconscious, in the course of time, the website included quantity will be more and more low. So for the invalid link caused by the website included quantity not to go, we can set a 301 redirect, put some invalid page regular links redirect to the new page links. Do not know if the 301 redirect, you can guide the use of ROBOTS and 404 pages. I recommend 404 page, because it can be effective in the case of loss is not included in the amount of invalid link to resolve, let the spider can through the 404 page guide links to further crawling web page.


is a factor not only affects the ranking weight for search engine judge site content is also very important, the residence time is that the user in the page. In fact, if you look carefully than their ranking, but the chain is not the rival site, you can get a data like this, even if it does not depend on the chain can also obtain the reason of stable rank, the other is the site user site more than their loyalty, and these for you to see if the other statistical data words it is very easy to see, the results. The residence time in the page the user is longer, the natural search engine will put these pages.

two, time of user on the page in

link is invalid

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