3Run interview three years of the establishment of the company but he is still to learn Shanghai Dra

yourself!I remember the first time

clients, is a financial investment company, is a friend over, they need to build a website, for high-end atmosphere, I am responsible for the design and planning of the whole site, colleagues responsible for communication, I only mentioned in the technical aspects of the problem, communicate with customers a few words, it may be is this the above communication problems, lead to design website changed again, dragged on for a long time, a detail problem is repeatedly revised several times, this is when we never met before work, after all, the boss, now turn to fix our own customers do not from the heart but in the end, or modifications to the customer satisfaction.

Cen Huiyu: see you now have their own studio, can be said to be very successful, I believe you before the start must encounter a lot of ups and downs, a lot of people did not want to go this way, or even to think, but your success is like people in and say: everything is possible, you must pay a lot can you talk about, had set up his own studio and all the problems encountered, and some impressive gains

: Hello, my name is Xiao Xiao, a handsome guy 90. The beginning of 2013 in the Internet industry, at the construction site, including art, design, cut version, program, server etc.. In 2015 the company has its own network and working since 2016 March, in an occasional opportunity, contact and in-depth understanding of learning Shanghai dragon, 2016 June by their own personally designed cut version built Shanghai dragon website officially launched.

Cen Huiyu: Hello, welcome you to accept this exchange interview, and former friend, you first from personal experience and expertise to give you a brief self introduction, let everyone know better about you.



was out of the social work time is not long, experience is not rich, no background, no contacts. Relying on the meager income of hard work in the city. Later and two like-minded friends together to choose the road of entrepreneurship. Choose entrepreneurship is a bold decision means will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and the working condition is completely different, always force yourself to keep learning and progress, the company from scratch, has experienced difficulties have already experienced, to pay their own all intentions and most of the time, from the beginning to meet customers speechless, but now talking about from the beginning to now, negative income earnings, no matter how difficult the problem has persisted. I don’t have to pay as much as any effort "this sentence into words, but continue to pursue a better

Hello, this is the fourth phase of grassroots webmaster exchange, the guests with 90, time access to the Internet three years, not only set up a company of his own team, still adhere to the study of Shanghai dragon, the grassroots webmaster name is Xiao Zhu, below we are going to listen to his story.

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