Shanghai love can grab the text for the site outside the chain of Enlightenment

We should link

but because users can not directly click on the way to enter the URL address to the page, so many websites for pure text links Shanghai Longfeng workers is not optimistic. With the continuous adjustment of the recent love Shanghai algorithm, love Shanghai for the chain, anti chain link, the cheating sites were punished, many websites were right down, even by the K, this is a large number of spam links are very relationship. At the same time the chain specialists also can clearly feel that the forum now many news are no longer allowed on this link, let the site outside the chain this piece is more difficult, which leads to many webmaster to give up the hair of the chain.

1. text link URL address, love Shanghai will find that he is a URL address and the address corresponding to the URL address to grab.


text chain website ranking stable pure text outside the chain is a result of long-term accumulation, often in very large quantity, will bring great effect to the site optimization, so the optimization effect of pure text of the chain is not stable, because the chain of a sudden increase or decrease suddenly, causing the site the weight is not stable, because the number of pure text outside the chain, a large number of. So the occasional.

for the love whether Shanghai can grab text, love Shanghai webmaster Club Lee in March when he responded:

made the website of Shanghai Longfeng people know that the chain is the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the essential part, want to get website ranking and weight, must get traffic, and the link is the main way to introduce traffic for the site. This requires us to seek a new path, the way of the chain website. In fact, this one think website optimization Wuhan yaoje Technology Co. Ltd., pure text links have a brilliant future, for the following reasons:

2. to transfer the weight, the only criterion is: this link is the user or other websites really recommend your website, this recommendation is of value to the users.

pure text difficulty is relatively small, but also easy to achieve diversification and scale, many sites now supports text, such as forum signatures, classified information network and a variety of blog, pure text outside the chain is often easy to pass, so every building dozens of hundreds of pure text outside the chain is very easy, and many supports text chain is the high quality of the site, so it is easy to realize the diversification and high quality and large scale construction of pure text outside the chain! And every day the number of construction more, it will not cause love Shanghai search engine antipathy, but will not think you are cheating, because cheating methods are generally used in hypertext and anchor text, love Shanghai source of the two link is very sensitive to the


2, pure text of the chain website ranking to

1, pure text links the difficulty of low


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