Processing optimization site changes and favorable measures

once the website revision, then the link will inevitably change, whether it is on the site Links or within the chain, the chain needs webmaster finishing, here we talk about the distribution of.


, an optimizer title and keywordsThe most important step of the revision of the

The original content of In 2, the chain The

1, a way to make money _ how to make money online method _ most profitable _ looking for Internet fortune

1, the website Links should be re established, after the website you will find links to your website friendship does not exist, so this time we are going through the Shanghai dragon tools query to which sites are hanging your links, this time we must as soon as possible to the other side of the link up, this is the person to work integrity.

two, website links

Optimization of

you can see that I will be the site of the title words reduced, so why? Because the search engines love is simple and elegant, website redesign is to lighten the load for the site, add a little help for the development of the website.

is on the website of the title and keyword sorting optimization, July to my website also conducted a small revision, and in the process of revision I found the title of the site has a rule: the best title words is more to the less. Here for example, before my website website title and revision of the site title:

and I personally think that the keyword of the website can only merge and will not be able to increase, if you used to long tail keywords website is 10, so in the process of revision of the website you can some of the long tail word, 10 words in about 7 is the best, in order to improve the title and keywords that is website after the.

2, a way to make money online _ _ how to make the most money for _ Internet fortune

website is many webmaster can do, but many webmaster in website before are holding after the website included, immediately improve traffic soared attitude, and this attitude right? I also have a few websites, also on the website, but I found the website after collection, snapshot, traffic soared state basically have not appeared, opposite site in revision after we also spend a lot of time to maintain the site, to make reasonable optimization of the site, below I combined with their own experience to talk about the website after the website should be how to optimize the website.

site to produce any change, then we must be part of a link to clean up, to resolutely remove dead links, for chain changes we can set 301 to will to complete, we remember that our website links the purpose of optimization is to make the site without dead links, no error link.

three, the site must be.

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