Shanghai dragon in addition to good execution also need to be good at data analysis

above is a number > Shanghai Dragon


as everyone knows Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a very hard thing, every day is from the complex to do the same thing, this requires Shanghai dragon Er to have a good executive ability, can do it unremittingly to update and publish content; the chain is part of the Shanghai dragon indispensable, need every day enough to update the site articles, whether the original false original need to spend a lot of energy to deal with, and the weight is not high site also need to send it outside the chain, when a good mood okay, when a bad mood, see the broken their own web sites have a mind to do.


three, find the ranking rules and summarize the related experience of

two, can arrange their work

Shanghai dragon skills and experiences are summed up through their own practice, through the statistics and analysis of data, you can find some rules, such as whether there is a snapshot of the update cycle, changes in the relationship between the keywords ranking and snapshot, what kind of chain effects on keyword ranking, these are summed up by their usual time; the algorithm has been changing, many of which are through continuous practice, in order to find a more reasonable method.

for keywords ranking has an understanding of what is the target keywords optimization object, which belongs to the category of keywords is maintenance, through the form of display, let yourself at a glance, can also own the chain statistics released under the chain effect, enhance the overall decline or are able to know, through the data we have you can easily know the effect of the chain release.

, according to understand keywords, optimization of

know ranking keywords, we can build the chain for these keywords, for example, for each keyword month release plan and the amount collected, even the chain can be subdivided into daily release number, it can arrange their own work, for example, how much, how much the morning afternoon. A lot of friends outside the chain are aimless, have time to send, no time to ignore, so you don’t know exactly how much hair outside the chain, made a number of effective outside chain.

Shanghai dragon in addition to good execution, but also for their site data in detail, so as to be aware of a lot of people just don’t love the statistics and analysis of data, think this is a very complicated matter, is a waste of time, but it is not the case, here’s a look at me Shanghai Longfeng data:

this is just part of the job, some of the more detailed data can only do every day statistics, statistical data have some help to Shanghai Dragon:

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