Shanghai Longfeng decryption the website will really be down right now

B: stable server. The server is not stable under normal circumstances is a major killer causing the site to drop the right, not to mention the website revision? So, the website should be revised, essential stable server. Here we point out: the independent IP server is more likely to be right down the possibility of revision, is relatively lower.

website will be down right? Many webmaster difficult to select in the "user experience" and "search engine weight". Do not know from when to rise, "the website will be right down the truth quietly into the minds of the webmaster. So in the face of the website, always confusing and hesitate. Good is the icing on the cake, change is not good ultimately "death". However, the website must go through a process of being right down? The author of this paper gives the following website decryption, unlock the mysterious veil.

Keywords: The

two: website before

A: the old station requirements. The website not only bring new visual experience for the user, is to re identify the spider to new faces or "you" I. The first website binary recommended in the following 3 months old station site do not, from the analysis of facts: a station website ranking and weight stable in three months. The revision will tell the search engines "website instability" in three months, facing down the right risk will be greatly increased.

website to step in place, the most taboo is still after the revision has continued to adjust. So we will often download the database before the revision and program to the local, and then use the new template for debugging. From the visual problems but also found no dead link test, has the function of general webmaster tools. It is important to note that not on the website of the URL revision on the structure, otherwise easily lead to 404 phenomena, both for the search engines, or user experience has been a lot of inconvenience. In addition to the website the most common phenomenon is the snapshot stagnation or correction, so in the website before preparing a lot of fresh content filling after the revision of the. Fresh content we refer here to the original, don’t try to get rid of the false original search engine.

website is an inevitable website development, how China millions of sites with a few experienced no change? But how many are down right? The site is down right quality and how? The author believes that the website will affect some weight, but the website does not necessarily mean that is down right, right down just because the revision is not in place or lack of preparation did not timely completion of the revision after the revision of the "weight" is recognized. How can we avoid the revision be right down, we discussed the topic today is:

: the basic requirements of website

website although we emphasize in one step.

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