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two, the website should have to generate static pages

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following into the subject. Build a website at the same time, we should pay attention to the website weight problem. Of course, in the newly established website (is new), it does not have any weight, search engines are not included in the site, where the Laiquan say. Not to say the web site exposure, don’t even talk about traffic. In the establishment of the new sites at the same time, the station owners should also update to consider how to steady the content, how to do a lot of chain etc. these problems, these problems are all the webmaster to face. In the absence of Shanghai dragon continued work at the same time, want to let the search engine spiders love on your station, this is pure nothingness. Then we should be how to let the spider favor you? As long as the search engine spiders often come to your site, site to get the weight. As a website to do better, the user experience is again high, can search engine spiders often your station to go on strike, where does the user experience? So I want to get the user experience, then let the search engines crawl your site, the site will be included in the search engine, this is the first key a new station on the line.

to the rank of the website, the website for exposure to the user experience, I summed up the following day, it can be said from the standard and not from the technical experience, I do not know whether to help you.

although this topic, for your webmaster is some old. But because of the old reasons, so that Shanghai dragon ER all lost their real understanding of it. So I came here today for a special offering to you, hope you can give. Thank you

, every day must update the content on the website


that I will not add to the word. Just as you enter Shanghai dragon circles on the Internet, listening to a lot of courses, plus the practice to draw their own conclusions, the static page by the search engine spiders welcome. From my work now in Shanghai Longfeng HTML, ASP, PHP and.Net are.

update a water for 15 days, if more than 15 man will become ill. In fact, the reason is the same with the web site, a weight is not high on your website, update the site every day, suddenly one day is not updated, you will find a snapshot of the site will stop. Update the content also is not to say that you want to update 8 articles a day, 10 articles, as long as one is enough. My understanding. Of course, this is a must to the original. This is for a new station is just on the line is very important. Some people will say that one day an article which writes them. Never mind, can not write, can borrow the pseudo. Chinese copycat products so badly, I think a copycat article is very easy. If you have a good grasp of what time period every day to update the content, search engine spiders frequently several times, so that it will be on time every day to visit your site. This is the impression of search engine.

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