How to do a good website user experience

"on the user experience for the website development action" I said next to share how well the user experience of the website, read this article the friend must know the user experience for the future development of the site is important, since there is such a big role, how do we do website user experience is a pendulum in front of the problem, that today is simple to share how to do website user experience.

, a web site to determine the target user

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is the first two are ready to work with the previous work, the third step is done, to adjust the color according to the user’s habits, so that the target users love color. Reasonable layout, the first time the user wants to see things in front of. Perfect function, users are not a simple love, love the kind of complex operation, the function of the website is to cooperate with this, try to make use of simple operation. The content of the demands, why do I not to say that the original content, in fact, for the user, not the original content is not original, is the main content of these he needs, and then compare the contents of the whole. He can learn to understand through the website, I believe he will remember your site, then need this information directly to your website.

Many people think that

three, color, layout, function, content of

to the front three, good user experience is done. In fact, this is not the case, but also need fourth steps to enhance the user’s impression, let users more loyal, more firmly rooted in your website. Some users may read the information he needs or need to buy products, he may for a long time do not need this stuff, may be a period of time not to sites, and even some have forgotten you, but if you have some activities and value-added services, the effect is not the same. He will come every day you see website >


two, analysis of the target user’s surfing habits

some people feel strange, determine the site target user with user experience here, user experience is not often say that you can do it? It is not, good user experience and not all users of the website to feel good, but it is impossible to satisfy all tastes. At this time how to do, of course we have to meet the goals of user experience, make them feel good, so as to keep the user. For example, a women’s website, you need to analyze the target users according to the site location, if it is 20-40 age of female users. To determine the site of the target user, the user experience of the site on the first step.

four, website online activities and value-added services of

to determine the target user, we need to analyze their Internet habits. For example, search habits, reading habits etc.. This website must adapt their habits, allowing users on the web site to see the operation handy, can see, needs are provided. At this time the user will think you this site.

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