How to make B2C business website included effective fly

included? We can use reverse thinking to consider this issue, first consider what kind of page can bring the conversion rate, and then consider how to layout as much as possible the conversion rate of the page, in order to increase included.

Using these parameters ?The

the number of Web sites included, search engine is a feedback on your site content and site structure, so everyone will want your website more better. But in my opinion, for the website included, should not only focus on quantity, quality should also be valued, especially the B2C website, the website included the number if you dally up, but did not bring traffic, no orders, that are the clouds. It is so, when do collection strategy, we have to think, these included pages can increase website traffic, and the traffic is the conversion rate.

parameter page composition, they are not only a huge number, but also is able to bring the conversion rate of the product list page, and the page is just the long tail words we need the page, these long tail word will bring traffic to the site.


I put them into 2 categories: one category is not variable, including product, brand and channel page page page, these pages should have, but the number of them is basically fixed, won’t have too big floating; there is a class of parameter page. These key parameters page is for the site included effective fly.

if you consider these pages, the website structure is reasonable, you included the number is sure to be in a very high altitude, and are very.

what kind of page can bring the conversion rate of

how to use the limited commodity as much as possible to increase the product list page number

knowing that can bring the conversion rate is the product list page, then you should try to increase the page, to increase the site included in this page, this is the best approach, which is related to a product list page mining problem.

we all know, any goods will have many parameters, such as shoes, shoes it brand, color, size and so on, we can be combined with these parameters, the exponential number of pages, for example [Nike 21] white shoes code is a page, [Nike 22 yards of white shoes] is also a page.

How to increase the effective

B2C website that is popular shopping website, to sell something, you should at least let consumers see things, and then feel the good things, just as he wants, he might have to order. So to bring about the conversion rate, the page must have products that this page should be the product list page, you don’t expect consumers to see an article you will write the order, even if you write again good, he also needs to see the product, will pocket money.

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