WeChat public platform promotion

on the Internet, we always want to promote their faster and more simple way, so whenever a new platform form began to study how to use it as a platform for their own promotion service. For example, WeChat promotion for many boring lonely men and women may be about gun artifact, and for the Internet that is a powerful marketing tool, a lot of people are using it to marketing their products and even the man himself. However, through the various actions of Tencent to see that WeChat does not want to let his mother son become a garbage dump, so all kinds of policies to limit WeChat’s marketing activities. Such as restrictions on sending information times and more than a long time can not take the initiative to the attention of the fans to send information, in addition to the recent hit forwarding courtesy activities etc..

website is legal website, an article in a message is a court of WeChat public number, mentioned in the title of this article in Shanghai love search only after the Tencent micro-blog, so the friend sent to his website. The result is in the first position in Shanghai is his love, because no one to fight. In addition this content is indeed there are concerns.

is a public platform account can let us in that there is a famous account to find and watch them, that account for at least in this small area have a certain reputation. Is also able to explain his content is a lot of attention ordinary users of this information by love. "


, a platform of WeChat public account published content is relatively more valuable.

a lot of people are a person or a few people to manage the web site, if you want to write out a lot of content is difficult, not to mention to write high quality content. I yesterday in the group saw a way for a person to share, I think it is necessary to everyone to share. The method is very simple in fact, WeChat is paying attention to the public, some of the more well-known in the industry, and then they released the information in the online search, found that many can collect and distribute to its own website, such content has become your "original".

The Of course we

: we are in a lot of time in a very strange way, is in front of their promotion desperately regardless of their own rear is what. We should have heard those ancient victory in the war of the emperors, they have in common is the best story in their own country, that is to lay a solid foundation in their positions, and in expanding its territory. We do the same, they must first make their site itself a firm basis, in fact, is rich in content, with these we go out to have confidence, after the promotion effect and the conversion rate will be higher.

so why the "copy" the content I will think of value, and the way to share out? Please look down I simply analyze several reasons.

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