Shanghai Longfeng Er to obtain the high quality the chain had to adopt the way

in May 17, 2011, I wrote an article, starting at A5, the title of the article is: a qualified Shanghai dragon Er should have a qualified excel table, the original address: 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20110517/342822.shtml, today (May 19, 2011), we look at the effect:

recently discovered that a lot of Shanghai Longfeng people have a rash mentality, the mentality of these Er are from Shanghai Longfeng lack of professional knowledge, they often become holding half, when they came into contact with Shanghai dragon, in various webmaster forum to see related articles, see a few post, began to start their own in disorderly fashion Shanghai Longfeng trip.



we all know, the weight of text than the forum signature and forum posts weight advertising area, not to mention my article reproduced the site itself has a good weight, we look at these sites reprint my article data:

when I found this method, and carefully executed. Later, I was surprised to find that the left, bring the chain and the effect is amazing, don’t believe you then look down?.

in their consciousness, there is a lead they thought the words "content is king, the chain for emperor", and then began to bring their own links to each big BBS leave a link, and then wait for the chain to rise, this approach is the lowest, most do not have technical content, this approach people can call Shanghai dragon Er, can only be called the post officer. (secretly tell you, in fact the beginning I also like this) but later I found that, in addition to this approach, there is a more effective method, more technical content: write an article, write useful articles to the viewer, or his successful experience share, or recommend some convenient and practical tool.

I read, are my link in the first page of the article points in text, these websites know fairly well, indicate the source, some small sites only later in the article, I deleted the link, did not indicate the source, distain.

in Shanghai love input: a qualified Shanghai dragon Er should have a qualified excel, the results were as follows:

of course want your article get so many websites, not simply a soft paper can be achieved, "

site at the bottom of the garbage, others are also good! WOW, imagine this A5 so many people, these high weight website is also a lot of sites to turn, a mass ten, ten hundred, and the links in the text, so you can be a good article the chain number of high-quality

In addition to the ?

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