Analysis how to study peer sites through the layout content chain

second: To study the

is the most simple, "Avatar" ordinary users to browse the competitor’s website. For example, we want to do online booking a website, you can fall in love with words related to maritime search and online booking, reservation booking, and then select the top five websites in the browser, of course, do not use Adsense view website, but the website for ordinary users perspective, mainly to see the web interface is not like tone but, to see how the site is placed in each function module page, front page application technology is not in line with the user experience, then the layout of the case record, finally, choose the most suitable as a reference site layout.

if the site layout is the site of the appearance, so the content of the website is the website of the soul. The content of a web site is excellent decided this site can well survive. Therefore, the research content of the website is very necessary, I think it is going to research from two aspects:


: the first to the identity of the user to browse the peer site, understand the site layout

website content from the content structure and content quality

website?One way

peers such as the enemy, this sentence is right on the Internet, but this is not a sign of our peer to peer to be away from the website, website bulibucai. On the contrary, we should learn to study peer website, which for a upcoming construction of new sites is more important. How to accurately study peer website? The author through years of experience, summed up the three aspects of research: site layout, content and chain. The following is divided into three points and we explore it.

site layout is a priority for the construction site, site layout, different people have different aesthetic, here not force everyone to uniform distribution, but in determining the layout before should first visit the web site. How to choose the peer

structure is very good for the user experience, just enter the website, can quickly find the entrance function, can effectively save the search time, users will be more trust in the website.

(2) content quality. A website is not more or less, but in quality. Not the quality of the content is not a friendly for users and search engines. How to determine whether the high quality peer website? We can carry out random sampling, start from several recently published content web site, and then select the paragraph into tools or love.

(1) site structure. The structure of the website is the It differs from man to man. is varied, can be said, usually we commonly have column type structure and three column structure, according to their website where the industry can we choose, here I do not make too much explanation, just as an example, such as the industry is doing online booking and we can choose such a structure:

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