What are the recovery site down the right way

over the anchor text

is not difficult to see that the keyword of my choice is not what popular keywords, some even index are not words, but even if this is the case, in September 10th the day the night of my website keywords, the home directly disappeared all over again. This is the site is down right and punish the show is like, you can control your own website, if there is such a situation? If yes, please continue to look down:

but it is a great pity that now the website ranking no, pictured above.

4, the brand disappeared

Before the

these can be said to be the basic characteristics of down right, most of the site is down right, shown in the form of almost all is so.


and the factors leading to the site was down the right is also a considerable number of factors from the station outside the station, may have affected the site right down. One of the most typical reasons are the following:

1 and

to introduce a coup, I think it is necessary to give everybody to take a set of data, the only way to make everyone more intuitive to understand the next thing I have to say.


did not change too much


2, still in the snapshot update, and the frequency is not more than

With 100 outsideKeywords

now love Shanghai algorithm constantly updated, more and more Adsense website is affected, caused by a serious drop right even part of the webmaster website directly with the sea K, which makes us Shanghai dragon ER are jittery. As mentioned above, when your site meets the following conditions, basically can make sure your site is down right.

1, included compared with some time ago,

2, the death of over

, this is one of my website for more than half a month of love Shanghai included, generally included seems quite good, has been steadily in the process of ascension, and I also adhere to the basic stability of the station one day a few original article, so included in the side is very considerable the.

the most, because the vast majority of Shanghai dragon ER clearly understand that the weight oriented anchor text links provided is the most heavy, so in the chain, tend to anchor text, but they are not considered a problem, too much of the same anchor text easy to cause the site is down right.

Please look at the first

3, some or all of the keywords ranking decline, a serious decline, until it fell out of the

chain is also frequently appear in the process of construction, this is actually through the tool to avoid it, so here is not to say, we did not.

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