KMT government do website internal link optimization

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pictured above, if " Moutai flying business wine " as a long tail keywords view, to appear in the title, and then in the web site first appeared when the keywords, the keywords and links to the corresponding product pages, the long run, is pointing to the product page the weight will be cumulative, in later reached a certain stage, the product page is sure to get a good ranking.

in the search engine algorithm, is to determine the weights of the web page through the relationship between link level. When it comes to the link, many people first thought is the chain. In fact, when we take leave of to other people’s sites to " " the chain of time, may have thought that their own internal links website is standard

site traffic is not large, mainly from the number and the keywords ranking. If you want to improve the keywords in the search results page ranking, the long tail keywords is very important. I believe that many owners are already familiar with " the word around " the method, then give you one example.


internal links, it is mutual link between the site within each page, including the long tail keywords can be classified as internal links, so we can use the internal links called sitelinks. For users, web site chain optimization in some of the more important, such as the following:


site navigation website is the core of internal links, if the chain is a tree, then the tree trunk is navigation. The trunk can reach all branches, improve nutrition, for the same branch, each branch is Zhefengdangyu for trunk. In addition to the site navigation link text must be accurate. For example, good wine merchants, the navigation bar can reach every page of the website. On the choice of keywords and navigation is also very accurate, is the best summary of each channel page content.




two, the links in

, a site navigation

or above " Moutai " flying business wine; for example, in the following text, if these links are recommended, one hand will make the spider when access to this page and " Moutai " of flying wine; give a good evaluation, on the other hand will more suitable for users to browse, get more information, to increase user stickiness.




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