Why do you not only adhere to the site can not love Shanghai home


, 3 degrees

search a keyword in love Shanghai, home page 2-3 is the love of Shanghai’s own products in the top row, such as Wikipedia, love love Shanghai Shanghai library, Shanghai Post Bar love. Since the love of Shanghai can sell their products on the front page, then we can to promote and optimize the effective utilization of these love Shanghai for their own products, so you can make us not much strength and can obtain good returns.

4, Shanghai love taboo

we need to know what Shanghai is like a love hate, favored and illegal things not to do, because the love of Shanghai caught cheating is very strict if caught so you can give up your domain name to the site, we should avoid excessive optimization of Shanghai dragon and black chain, keyword accumulation, acquisition, the virus, Se and so on some love Shanghai very taboo operation.

2, the timeliness of informationWhether

source of external links

content quality degree is basic index of love Shanghai search engine for website evaluation. We must spare no effort in the following details: first, keep the original amount every day, an article copied or their original or original and illustrate the nature, its value is self-evident. In addition, to ensure the content of fluency and authenticity.

is a search engine or the user for the effectiveness of information has a very strong sensitivity. The enterprise station, the source material for the latest information of the latest information, the company’s products can be used as news content on the web, which is the search engine analysis and investigation of a very important indicator of our site content freshness.

love Shanghai search engine mainly from several aspects of content publishing, advertising effect, access speed for web content to judge the quality of. The content of composition is the most basic web elements, mainly reflected in the size of the text, paragraphs, paragraph alignment etc.. The effects of advertising is mainly reflected in some of the sites of advertising popups, with the user’s reading behavior. Access speed refers to the server, web space access speed, let the user retention time should not exceed 5 seconds, otherwise the user is likely to be missing from our site.


5, using its own resources like Shanghai

content quality


browsing experience


want to love Shanghai home? I want to think, who do not want to! But sometimes you feel it is very hard, insist on doing every day there are a lot of optimization, the chain also sent a lot of, but the ranking is not always on to. This is why? Actually want to let love Shanghai up, insist on is important, some of the details can not be ignored. Below, we will for you to check those easily overlooked details of website optimization.

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