t will affect the site ranking website snapshot

website snapshot ranking on the site has no direct effect.

is unable to open when the site snapshot of a search result, the cached page or open speed is very slow and displayed. The characteristics of love Shanghai snapshot will only temporarily cache the text content of the web page, every page will automatically generate snapshots, and there may be multiple snapshots of text. When the web server is temporarily clapping or network transmission is blocked, users can quickly browse the web snapshot love Shanghai text. The website is a website snapshot based on comprehensive score. There are a lot of website snapshot questions on the network, such as a web site snapshot will affect the site ranking? Below by flying sale personnel to answer in detail:


2, ask the site snapshot time will directly affect the site ranking? A, will not affect the. >

?Whether directly affect website ranking website Figure two

site is divided into new and old web site. If this is a new web site, no snapshot. It is obviously very difficult to obtain the website ranking. Before there is a case of new sites not included the web page, without giving website snapshot, and included four web page content. And there will be two or three long tail keywords flow. So, the new site, there will also be no snapshot ranking, but the snapshot will have a direct impact on the website ranking.

love Shanghai official: there is no direct relationship between the frequency of updates and website weight website snapshot. (some detailed description about love Shanghai snapshot problem) can be understood as the new website snapshot time website snapshot update frequency, directly affect the site ranking website weight. It can be inferred that the site snapshot time on site ranking has no direct effect.

summary, 1, asked the snapshot site will affect the site ranking? A, will certainly affect the ranking.


, the old website snapshot time ranked first

examples: figure a new web site, the snapshot time ranked first, in Figure two, the old website snapshot time ranked first. That website snapshot time ranking on the site has no direct effect.



A new

map, the website snapshot time ranked first



is the old site, directly by the love of Shanghai to punish K off the home page, just like 9.28, a large number of web page was K. The same is the website ranking has a direct impact. The amount included still exist, content of the page may bring some long tail keywords flow. But the lack of website snapshot, ranking on the site has a great impact.

web site is divided into general snapshot snapshot, website snapshot of the time, including the website snapshot update frequency snapshot backwards. So from this two aspects in order to illustrate the website snapshot the ranking of the site

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