But what if none of the answers pass muster AA

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Q: That kind of underscores the point For Feynman it’s like "Well this is what makes it work" AA: Yes but it must have been a joke with him because he was one of the giants of being able to put things into plain words Those videos of him on YouTube explaining ripples in the water and the sunlight reflecting on the ripples they’re just beautiful loving explanations of nature that draw you in He was so good at that Q: I can imagine that there are things that are just immune to simple explanation AA: We may find out that time is one of them In a way the explanation doesn’t have to do any more than get people interested in learning more and exploring it for themselves That’s what I’m guessing anyway The great thing about this Flame Challenge I think is not that we’re challenging people to come up with the best explanations We’re challenging them to experience the problems in trying to come up with a good explanation and to become interested in doing it better and better Once you say "Wait a minute this is not that easy" you might like the idea of finding out how to do it better Q: How many kids are going to judge the answers AA: Last year 6000 kids signed up to judge the scientists’ entries This year as of yesterday before the contest had even started we had 5000 So we’re probably going to have many thousands of kids But first the scientists’ entries will be vetted for accuracy by a panel because we don’t want the kids picking something that is wrong Now this is an interesting problem Last year we had 800 entries and they were vetted for accuracy before they were sent to the kids to judge And even then there was some disagreement among panel members over what was right and what was wrong And they had to hash things out occasionally What’s going to happen this year I wonder where there may be some aspects of some answers that are neither right nor wrong but are possibilities or speculations that would require some looking into Maybe the trick will be to identify hypotheses and speculations as such and not give the impression that it’s cut-and-dried Q: But what if none of the answers pass muster AA: There’s got be somebody who sends in something [laughs] Q: But there’s this quote from St Augustine "What then is time If no one asks me I know what it is If I wish to explain it to him who asks I do not know" So this is a deep question AA: It really is And this is interesting Last year when we announced the winner at the World Science Festival we passed out paper and pencils to the kids in the audience and said we’re starting to look now for next year’s question And the first one that came in was this boy’s suggestion "What is time" It was so amazing that it was such a deep question He was only 9 at the time And the surprising thing that followed was that several other kids around the country asked ‘What is time’ And the kids voted on the questions and that question got a lot of votes As mysterious as it is it seems like the question that we all may have in the back of our heads We guard our time so carefully And we live our lives according to clocks But what is time Is time some kind of stuff To the extent that some smart people think it might be I want to know more about that Q: You mention clocks It has occurred to me that clocks are the purest type of machine because the only purpose of clocks is to keep doing exactly the same thing over and over again There is no other end No input no output AA: But it’s as good as somebody sitting and knocking on a piece of wood endlessly And about as meaningless Except that we somehow give it meaning You could say time is what happens on a clock But a clock is just measuring something Or is it measuring something Because when you talk about time going faster or slower depending on certain conditions then you’re getting into the hard stuff which I can’t wait to see translated into language we can understand Q: So the judgment is done by majority vote AA: Yeah the kids actually vote on them and the top vote wins We don’t mess around with their decision In the past—and we’ll probably do it again—we had an Internet hook-up where maybe 10 schools are on video conference at the same time with me and when it gets down to the finalists we watch them discuss why they like certain entries And when they’re discussing them they’re very careful about dismissing ones that they think are too short and not informative enough I thought that was the most common complaint that there wasn’t enough information And the kids appreciate entertainment They don’t mind it if a scientist speaks in a colloquial way But they don’t want them to be silly One kid said "We’re 11 we’re not 7" You can hear a condescending tone and their ears are really tuned for that Q: I imagine that there is a certain amount of self-selection that it’s the interested kids who sign up AA: I think so On the other hand sometimes a whole class will sign up And I’m sure that a lot of tuna are caught with the mackerel I bet a lot of kids get really turned on by being able to judge a scientist’s answer when they might not have had that much interest to start with Q: One science writer once cracked that science writers are in the profession of creating the "illusion of understanding" Maybe on certain issues you can’t convey the whole truth AA: That’s one of the things I loved about what Feynman did He spoke in very simple language And he knew that he couldn’t tell you everything he knew about something First of all because he would swamp you and maybe there would be a time limitation But he would say to you at a certain point "There’s more to it than that it gets more complicated and I can tell you about that later" And that I really admired because he didn’t leave you with the impression that you now understood the thing in its greatest depth but rather that if you were interested you could go further And I think you’re right I think it’s a danger to create the illusion of certainty Because science it seems to me thrives on uncertainty One of the great personal benefits I’ve had from reading science and listening to scientists talk is to appreciate the pleasure of uncertainty For me getting through life is surfing on uncertainty in every way And science rather than pumping us full of truths encourages us to keep lookingHansal Mehta’s ‘Shahid’, 2012 8:43 pm Related News The 37th Toronto film festival (TIFF) kick starts on Thursday with many shlf1314n films on board like Indo-Canadian director Deepa Mehta’s ‘Midnight’s Children’, has been struggling in the face of stiff competition from Apple and Samsung as well as strong Chinese brands like Huawei. 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