Most commented stories on Columbiancom last week

first_imgReaders weighed in with thoughts on employers using the E-verify program to eliminate doubts about their workforces’ eligibility.Bill and Peggy Zimmerman, who are considering the E-verify program for their farm, discussed some of its challenges:“One of the big problems with E-Verify is the “false positives” you can get. If you actually deny work because of the result of E-Verify to someone who is legal, you are then open for a lawsuit for discrimination. Employers can find themselves between a rock and a hard place.”James Edmondson examined how E-verify could play a part in immigration reform:“To say, “…E-Verify would eliminate 70 percent of the state’s agriculture workforce…” is to admit the failure of our current immigration system. Rather than institutionalize that failure or crate a path to incentivize new illegal immigration, we need to let the market adjust wages to current pressures and then we can re-evaluate our immigration needs. We need to slow all immigration until we establish a baseline and only then can we intelligently reform immigration.”Note to readers: Columbian staff have been posting the most read stories on each week since July. We’ve noticed, however, that the stories that received the most traffic don’t necessarily reflect the most important issues to our community of readers.last_img

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