Can You Spot the Bobcat Kitten in This Photo

first_img Officer Attempts to Rescue ‘Kitten’, Finds a Bobcat InsteadOfficials Investigate How Dead Bobcat Ended Up in Tree Stay on target Sometimes, the cutest animals are the most difficult to spot – even when they have spots.The New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation posted a challenge on their Facebook page Wednesday. They asked followers to spot the bobcat kitten in a photo captured by a trail cam in a forested area in central New York.“Sometimes you need to stop and look closer,” the agency wrote. “Can you see the #bobcat kitten blending into this forest background in central New York?”Here’s the photo again:(Photo Credit: Nick Ruocco via NYS Department of Environmental Conservation / Facebook)If you can’t see it the first time, it’s OK. Several people had difficulty finding the elusive bobcat kitten, too.“Wow!! I had to really search to see it,” said one commenter. “I couldn’t see her for the life of me until someone pointed her out. Wow,” said another.She’s right there toward the front. Here’s a little help:And here’s a closer look. Isn’t she cute?Although elusive and rarely seen by humans, bobcats are abundant in North America with populations as high as 1 million cats in the U.S. alone, according to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.“Despite having an average weight around 25 pounds, about twice the size of a house cat, bobcats kill prey larger than them using stealth and leaping pounce of up to 10 feet,” the agency said.More on That Survived California Wildfire Gives Birth to Four Kittens‘Badass’ Bobcat Kitten Named Mr. Murderbritches Released Back Into the WildBobcat Struck by Police Car Released Into the Wildlast_img

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