HalfLife 3 poster appears outside Gamescom

first_img <> Trolling is defined by the Urban Dictionary as “the art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off.” And that’s exactly what a large poster hung outside of Gamescom in Cologne this week is sure to do.The poster reads in large text “HALF-LIFE: 3” and then is followed by a second line of smaller text written in German. Has Valve chosen Gamescom to finally reveal the 3rd Half-Life game? Of course not. This is the work of two German media companies: Spieletipps and GIGA Games.Some A++ trolling going on at the entrance to Gamescom this year. pic.twitter.com/yXBOZAaPBJ— Aoife Wilson (@AoifeLockhart) August 16, 2016You have to read both lines of the poster as one sentence. When you do, it says “Half-Life: 3 editors who played it back then.” It likely refers to some session being held at Gamescom this week, but it classes as trolling. Dirty, underhanded, hope-generating trolling.Valve may see the funny side, but then even they are probably sick of hearing about Half-Life 3. The jury is still out on how the gaming community will react. Clenched fists and wry smiles I imagine.Have we reached a point yet where a real Half-Life 3 announcement would be met with silence and a lack of caring? I think we are certainly approaching that state now. If Valve does ever intend to make “that game” they only have themselves to blame for the pressure it will certainly put on the development team. We are fast approaching Duke Nukem Forever territory, and nobody wants a repeat of that disaster.Now before I get too depressed about what could have been (or maybe still will be one day), let’s remember the greatness that was (and still is) the complete Half-Life 2 experience:last_img

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