Apple Mac App Store Launching December 13 Rumor

first_imgSteve Jobs wants to launch that Mac App Store soon. Really, really soon. How soon? Like yesterday soon. Apparently Apple’s head honcho had hoped to have the new store launched by now, having told developers to have their app ready by now. “That obviously didn’t happen, ” writes Apple Tell, “but Apple appears to be way ahead of schedule on the Mac App Store nonetheless, and looks to take advantage of the Christmas rush.”AdChoices广告An “inside source” told the site that the company is now looking to launch the service a week from today, hitting that ever-precious holiday buying rush, making the purchase of a shiny new Mac all the sweeter. Jobs first announced the new store back in October, giving the company 90 days to launch the service, making the deadline late January. Apple is also said to be holding a press conference in the coming weeks to discuss publication distribution for the iPad (including a rumored appearance by Rupert Murdoch). Perhaps the company is looking to combine both announcements into a single event.last_img

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