EHF CL Wisla Plock close to TOP 16

2KIF Kolding5401123:1138 4Orlen Wisła Płock6303163:1546 ← Previous Story Budapest to host first ever Women’s EHF CL F4! Next Story → LUCKY, LUCKY BOY: Johan Sjostrand wins on horse betting again – 240.000 EUR! 5FC Porto Vitalis6105134:1642 6Dunkerque HB6006133:1600 Polish runner-up Orlen Wisla Plock are close to EHF CL TOP 16 after victory over Portuguese champion FC Porto 28:22 (12:10). Manolo Cadenas’ team had no problem to overplay the guests from Atlantic, who are with French Dunkerque “under line” of places which lead to TOP 16. Serbian playmaker Petar Nenadic was the TOP scorer with 7 goals…Wisła: Sego – Wiśniewski 2, Zrnić 2/1, Nikcević 3, Kwiatkowski, Toromanović 4, Syprzak 3, Nenadić 7, Lijewski 6, Eklemović 1, Milas.Porto: Bravo, Laurentino – Moreira 1, Santos 3/2, Pereira 1, Salina, Borges 1, Duarte 3, Ferraz 6, Belmiro, Spinola 4/2, Davyes 3, Rosario.THW Kiel beat Dunkerque 28:25 day before.STANDINGS: handballOrlen Wisla PlockTHW Kiel 1THW Kiel6501180:16610 3Vive Targi Kielce5401156:1328

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