GOCAD Mining Suite for mineral exploration and geotechnical hazard assessment

first_imgThe GOCAD Mining Suite is a mining-customised version of GOCAD designed by Mira for mineral exploration and geotechnical hazard assessment. It enables precise structural modelling, surface (wireframe) construction, stratigraphic and regular block modelling, and geostatistics. Add-on modules provide several 3D geological modelling environments, natural connections to geologically-constrained geophysical forward modelling and inversion, multi-disciplinary 3D exploration targeting, exploratory and geochemical data analysis, and geotechnical hazard estimation and monitoring.New in the 2009.3p3 version, the Potential Fields module has been expanded to provide a comprehensive suite of interpretation tools encapsulating QA/QC, data processing and filtering, through to workflows for 3D potential fields modelling and inversion. The new workflow for Fullagar Geophysics’ VPmg is focussed on geologically constrained inversion.It provides users with an efficient step by step interface for validating and updating 3D geological models using forward modelling and a variety of inversion techniques. Structural geology tools in the Sparse Module have a new extension, 3D Structural Fields Interpolator. This new extension models the geometric behavior of structural elements in 3D using point data. It provides first-pass interpretation of fold closures and plunge. It also supports bedding and foliation input data.In collaboration with ioGlobal, Mira Geoscience released the ioGAS Link, a seamless connection between GOCAD Mining Suite and ioGAS to deliver geochemical analysis in a spatial context. It allows exploration and geochemical data analysis to be part of a unified, multidisciplinary, and geospatial interpretation process.The Paradigm™ SKUA implicit modelling engine has been integrated. It runs efficient 3D geological modelling tools focusing on the data interpretation and complying with stratigraphic rules. It improves the productivity, quality and accuracy of structural and stratigraphic models.The automated workflow delivers accelerated modelling. Using SKUA in combination with the extensive wireframe editing and manipulation tools of GOCAD Mining Suite produces the first software platform to perform rapid implicit models for initial modelling, followed by refinement based upon a geologists interpretation.last_img

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