Ramadan Group Calls on Tourists not to wear Bikinis on Moroccos

Rabat – On the third day of Ramadan, a group of young Moroccan surfers launched a campaign with a view to prevent foreign tourists on a beach in Agadir from wearing bikinis during the holy month of Ramadan.The group displayed big posters on the beach that read “Respect Ramadan, no bikinis.”“It seems that a number of Moroccans do not appreciate that that there is a separation between their personal life and the lives or choices or others,” a local resident who works in the tourism sector told MWN on the condition of anonymity. “It should remain so, especially when it comes to tourists who visit Morocco and contribute to the economy of the country,” he added.“This kind of initiative might discourage those tourists willing to visit Morocco from booking their flights, further deepening the crisis in the Moroccan tourism industry,” he concluded.In an interview with the Moroccan weekly magazine Finance News on June 11, the Moroccan Minister of Tourism, Lahcen Haddad said that the tourism sector is facing one of its most serious crises in two decades due to the political instability affecting North Africa and the Middle East.

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