Go Green!

first_imgSatiricus was concerned. He was concerned about the health of our planet since all those developed countries kept pouring putrid pollution into its atmosphere which is its lungs. He was therefore pleased as punch when Pressie donated another million or so acres of our forest towards cleaning Mother Earth’s lungs.But he was more pleased with the Georgetown Municipal Elections. Not at the cleanup that preceded it – but with the results that maintained the tradition of a “Green Mayor” at the top. As a man in the newspaper business, Satiricus was keenly aware of the importance of symbolism and was perturbed no one paid any heed to this crucial detail.“Cappo, my friend,” intoned Satiricus to his friend with whom he was quaffing some beers at the Back Street Bar, “it is God’s work that we have another “Green” as Mayor.”“Wha’ mek yuh she suh?” asked Cappo idly. He was used to Satiricus’ utterances issued out of the blue.“To make sure our Garden City returns to its green glory,” said Satiricus sanctimoniously. “And our Green Mayor and Green Georgetown can both be symbols of our Green economy,”“Yes, maan. Me see how de Green Mayah ah bring in Green Parkin’ Meetah fuh put all ova de towng,” said Cappo with a smirk. “De towng guh look prappa nice an’ green!”“I never thought of it like that,” confessed Satiricus. “I was just looking at the Parking Meters to bring in money to keep the city green.”“Dat too!” laughed Cappo. “De ‘Merican money de Mayah collect green, yuh know! Me cousin in New Yark she dem a call dem money “green backs”!”Satiricus looked closely at Cappo. He suspected sometimes Cappo was pulling his leg. “It’s the City that will collect 20% of the greenbacks,” he finally said.“OK…OK…Me ‘gree dat de Green Mayah serious ‘bout dis Green Economy bizness,” said Cappo as he took a long swig of beer. “Really?” asked Satiricus with a pleased smile.“Yes, Sato,” confessed Cappo with a twinkle in his eye. “Yuh na see how she mek de Deputy DumbCan ride wan bicycle? He nah pollute de air now!!”“But he adds to global warming when he carries on all the time criticising the Green Mayor!” agreed Satiricus as he clinked his beer bottle with Cappo’s.“Leh abee drink to dat!” Cappo said with a laugh.last_img

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