PPP accuses Govt of extortion, threats against businessmen

first_imgThe A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change coalition (APNU/AFC) Government has once again come under fire by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), as allegations of extortion continue to surface.PPP Chief Whip Gail TeixeiraThe Party’s Chief Whip Gail Teixeira on Wednesday reported that the Party has evidence the Government officials have been making demands and threats to businessmen.“We have evidence of the head of an agency within the Ministry of the Presidency being in meeting with a member of the Private Sector to seek donation of $12 million to carry out certain works.”According to Teixeira, the message was clear that if they did not donate, they would be unsuccessful in the future with the contracts. The meeting succeeded in getting $8 million in donations.She said the issue is not only the extortion but why the extortion, when the agency has enough money, budgeted for, to carry out this work.“Budget was only passed less than a month ago and they could not have spent out that money in less than a month and therefore there is no shortage of money to carry out that work.“More and more we are hearing of businessmen of goods and services are facing pressure to donate to Government and other times called directly, by the heads of these agencies and their Ministers, requesting donations, with threats of not getting work or contracts, if they did not make the donation”. Teixeira said there is no need to call for donations since the money is available in the budget.She said why Government is intimidating businessmen is not clear. “This is pure extortion and it is becoming a norm in Guyana currently,” she said.last_img

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