LaLiga stops the fixed venue option and will fight on Mondays

first_imgThe league, Despite what he has been counting dropwise as events developed in this crisis, he has proposed a total of up to 10 different scenarios of how to restart the 2019-20 season, with the permission of the UEFA. And in that fan all possibilities fit. From playing behind closed doors (350 million losses), to playing with the public (150), even going so far as not being able to compete more (1,000), which is the plan that you least want to air. The dates to start would be May 29, June 6 or June 28, which would force it to end in different weeks, conditioning the European competitions. With all this work done in detail, it is not strange to know that from the mind of the LaLiga Competitions department, led by Luis Gil, it has also been done a sketch of the most complex option of all: bringing together the 42 First and Second teams in the same city, or in different cities, to finish the course by playing every two or three days, Madrid being the preferred venue for its centrality, for the infrastructures and the quality of the stadiums and communications. This strategy, for the moment, has been stopped without forgetting it. There is an essential reason. Footballers are opposed. And more if the capital of Spain, the world center of the coronavirus, is used. The study, carried out by LaLiga and enriched with the strategies of other European countries that could do so, involves, among other things, a protocol for the distribution of hotels and sports cities. So far it has not been shared with the clubs, and not even outlined, and it has not been put on the table in meetings with the RFEF and AFE. However, it has been sliding by LaLiga in several telematic meetings, in which they are not recorded, to press the reactions before taking another step if necessary. “The Premier plans to play everything in London … Series A says they will meet in Rome …”. The problem is that few people welcome the idea.Unions are emphatic off the record: “They cut the wages of players and the hours for workers, with ERTE or negotiations, and now you isolate them two months in a row … Being away from home under the shield of a club is equivalent to working 24 hours a day.” Law specialists and some leaders prefer not to get wet publicly so as not to be branded as a party pooper. But, in summary, they argue that if the Government finds obstacles to isolate the asymptomatic, this is similar.On Monday. LaLiga’s other unofficial intention is to fight for a lost time slot. The court ordered the injunction in the duel for the competitions with the RFEF and, for now, it was being played on Friday and not on Monday until the magistrate enters the merits of the matter. Legally there is no loophole. With the courts stopped, the resolution will take time, and Thebes hopes that the RFEF will yield if the calendar is tightened. See the perfect excuse, playing without an audience, to engage Rubiales. “Let’s see what he says now,” is repeated in several meetings.last_img

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