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first_imgInternational Equestrian Federation (FEI) visited the Alliance of equestrian organizations BiH (SKOFBiH).FEI Inspection was in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of determining the current state of the development of equestrian sport in BiH, after which SKOFBiH could become a full member of the International Equestrian Federation.The Alliance of Equestrian Organizations BiH and all its members strive to go to the international scene, as announced from SKOFBiH.On this occasion, FEI Inspection identified that equestrian sport in BiH has a future, and that there is a big number of active riders and competitors, clubs with their infrastructure, as well as trained stuff that can improve this sport.FEI also talked with representatives of the Olympic Committee, Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH-sport sector and Veterinary Office.(Source:

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