WWE: Seth Rollins responds to fans calling him ‘Not Cool’

first_imgLast Updated: 10th October, 2019 16:36 IST WWE: Seth Rollins Responds To Fans Calling Him ‘Not Cool’ Speculations had been running rife that Rollins will be coming to this week’s Raw to confront The Fiend, but that didn’t happen SUBSCRIBE TO US First Published: 10th October, 2019 16:36 IST FOLLOW US WWE Hell in a Cell Seth Rollins vs ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt: Match OverviewThe match started with the champion Rollins doing everything he could to take advantage but the masked challenger appeared unfazed. Then, Rollins brought in the kendo sticks and started hitting him with it, but that didn’t work either. Wyatt then took control of the match and started punishing The Beastslayer until the champ grabbed the steel steps and slammed ‘The Fiend’ with them. Wyatt soon recovered and hit Rollins with a Sister Abigail into the cell.Also Read l WWE Hell In A Cell: The Fiend terrorises Seth Rollins in main eventIn the latter part of the match, Rollins started delivering numerous stomps but ‘The Fiend’ fought back to his feet. He hit Wyatt again with four stomps and a pedigree before pinning ”The Fiend’ for an unsuccessful one count. Rollins then brought out a ladder and used it to smash the chair which was lying on Wyatt’s head for a second count. Rollins followed up by grabbing the sledgehammer and unloaded on ‘The Fiend’ before the referee called off the match.Also Read l WWE Hell In a Cell: Will Seth Rollins slay ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt? Despite retaining his WWE Universal Championship title against ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt at Hell in a Cell, Seth Rollins received a brutal punishment from Wyatt after the bell rang. Some fans did not seem so impressed with the outcome of the match as the chants of AEW filled the arena. Speculations had been running rife that Rollins will be coming to this week’s Raw to confront The Fiend, but that didn’t happen. However, Rollins had earlier reacted to the events which followed the main event between the WWE Universe and him.Also Read l WWE Hell in a Cell: Was Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt the worst fight?What happened after the main event?After suffering a lot of punishment, Rollins got up and started walking towards the exit. While he was walking out, a fan started shouting ‘Seth Rollins is not cool’ with the sign which had the same thing written on it. Seth looked at the man and as the matter was heating up, a bunch of referees came in and stopped the situation from escalating further. Rollins addressed the incident by using the quote of the fan as a hashtag. Here’s what the passionate wrestler tweeted.Also Read l WWE Hell in a Cell: Reactions on Seth Rollins vs The Fiend Written By LIVE TV WATCH US LIVE Adil Khan COMMENTlast_img

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