A Tribe Called Quest Hits Number One On Billboard For First Time In Over Twenty Years

first_imgA Tribe Called Quest‘s final album, We Got It From Here….Thank You 4 Your Service, has officially debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 charts. The album, which sold 135,000 in its debut week, marks the second time the iconic hip-hop group has reached the top spot in their career, and first time since Beats, Rhymes, and Life came out over twenty years ago.Social Consciousness And Racial Inequality Are Front And Center On A Tribe Called Quest’s Surprise Comeback Album [Review]According to Billboard, We Got It From Here…. surpasses Jeezy‘s stint as the longest gap between #1 albums in the hip-hop category, while only Lionel Richie‘s 2012 album, Tuskeegee (which took 25 years for Richie to reach #1 again) surpassed Tribe’s wait among all genres. The new ATCQ album has received accolades from across the musical spectrum, and witnessed the group bring back that socially conscious old-school vibe from the genre’s Golden Era, which has been lacking in recent years.The group recently appeared on Saturday Night Live with host Dave Chappelle for a two-song performance, and has announced preliminary plans for a highly-anticipated final World Tour, with details still to come. Check out the group’s video for “We The People….” below:[via Billboard]last_img

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