first_img Comments are closed. PeopleOn 10 Dec 2002 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Guru has graced the back pages of Personnel Today for the last six years,regularly astounding the HR community with his incisive wit, cutting satire andnear telepathic foresight. Tackling all subjects from executive coaching tostrippers’ unions, Guru is never afraid to dodge the controversial questions orcast his educated eye over the issue of the day. Here, in our last issue of theyear, we find out what makes him tick. What qualifications do you hold? It’s more a question of which ones don’t I hold. Who is the ultimate guru? I always like to see myself as the guru’s guru. Michael Porter, CharlesHandy, Gary Hamel and even Dave Ulrich all pale in comparison to the mightyblue head! What is your essential viewing? I really enjoyed the recent six-part documentary The Office. Its findingsshowed me that top-class British managers are alive and well in Slough. I washugely impressed by David Brent’s grasp of HR policy and his ability to bluesky think while on the job. If only all UK managers were as gifted as Brent –there wouldn’t be a productivity gap. How do you fill your spare time? Of course working so hard is a full-time job and leaves little time for MrsGuru, although that luxury is starting to recede since the advent of work-lifebalance. I’m also a keen reader – currently halfway through How to Lose Friendsand Alienate People. What is the greatest risk you have ever taken? The greatest risk is probably the annual pilgrimage to Harrogate. Every yearthe faces get younger, the days more tiresome and the expense account moredifficult to explain away. Do you network? Extensively. Only this week I’ve held informal meetings with Jack Daniels,Jim Beam, John Smith, Jose Cuervo and Julio Gallo. If you could do any job in the world, what would it be? A reporter on Personnel Today. It must be so exciting, rewarding and wellrespected. Who would play you in the film of your life? Papa Smurf. What’s the worst/best office party you’ve ever attended? Harlequins nightclub onboard The Oriana cruiseship. It was the best oftimes, it was the worst of times. On the moveJackie Arthur has been appointed HR and communications manager for watermanagement firm Ondeo Industrial Solutions. The company is part of the SuezGroup, which employs more than 190,000 staff in 130 countries. Arthur’s time issplit between sites at Durham and Scotland. Prior to his appointment he workedas regional personnel manager for Chubb security in London. He has a degree inmarketing and a post graduate diploma in HR Management. Chartered surveyor and rural property Consultant Smiths Gore has appointedTrevor Richards (pictured) as its new HR manager. Richards will be based at thefirm’s Peterborough administrative headquarters, and be responsible for HRacross the company’s 17 UK offices. His role will encompass a wide range ofissues from recruitment and training policies to the day-to-day management ofemployment issues. As a newly-created position, much of his work will bebuilding best practice. Colin Staffell has been appointed network development manager for theproperty services NTO, Property Learning Network. Staffell holds mastersdegrees in philosophy and education and is a chartered surveyor. He brings adeep knowledge of education and training for staff at all levels, backed byexperience in academia and commercial practice. His last job was training anddevelopment manager at Countrywide Surveyors. He will be visiting employers todiscuss training needs and demonstrating examples of online courses. Related posts:No related photos.last_img

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