Analysis of traffic flow of local portals 1

as shown in Fig.

traffic is mainly three kinds:

first: keyword flow, through the site information accumulated year after year, and accumulated a large number of page information, each page will release different keywords. Through the search engine, users will search through the relevant keywords, through these pages into the site.

second: the application of traffic, the site of an application service is recognized by the market and users, when the user has the corresponding needs, enter the site. read more

A grassroots webmaster forum to the novice webmaster suggestions

recently had no time to write, nor what language, do not dare to write, now Bozhuan too much, today you bite the bullet to write, Wang Jin has empty dots Bozhuan to write an article today, some suggestions for novice webmaster.

and I built a forum dedicated to the novice webmaster, also built a few group, every day dealing with these first webmaster friends, a lot of friends do not know how to use the FTP domain name, how to parse, every day in the group shouted a lot, do not ask, online tutorials? Simple tutorial I think a lot of, many of my friends do not know to find, I made the video tutorial on the forums, allowing them to download, they won’t go, each time to ask me, I told him in which section, I do not know they can not find, you didn’t see ah, I faint, I was looking for a good post to which they feel now, novice webmaster too lazy, do not know the initiative to learn, to know all day to ask, there is a saying: do not ask, but not what to ask, can do it yourself There is a question, Baidu, I have been adhering to the principle, really can not ask friends again. This is for the novice webmaster’s first suggestion: can find the answer, try to find, and really can not ask again, learn to take the initiative to learn. read more

From 9flash to kiss baby

          when taking over 9flash, is undoubtedly full of confidence. Although the final failure can not be avoided, but such results always have to face up and bear, as promised that year, but also must be fulfilled.  : after facing up, he does not want to remember too much. It is a mirror that can be used for reference.
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20 signposts to the road to an excellent U Designer

introduction: Interface Designer Joshua Porter published this article in his blog, the article cited in the 20 user interface design principles, these principles are the designers need to follow in the design work, they can give the designers to provide better guidance work.

The presence of the

interface promotes interaction,

The presence of the

interface strengthens the interaction of our users and our world. They can help users clear, articulate, and enable display relationships, which not only allows us to do things efficiently, but also manages our applications and accesses related services. The act of designing interfaces is not art, but regular homing. A good design interface can stimulate, evoke and strengthen our connection with the world. read more

How does the O2O layout of the nternet home improvement industry carry out the content operation

decoration is the traditional line industry, with the development of O2O in recent years, many Internet companies quickly began the layout of the decoration industry, the birth of many Internet plus Jiezhuang companies, but the decoration is absolutely not to buy clothes, take out the Internet decoration so simple, there is still a long way to go, the industry model is not very clear.

Internet decoration platform has two points is no doubt: content + services, Internet home improvement is difficult to rely solely on content operations to seize users, the need for content and services to match the two. The content is the basic service platform, because the Internet is sharing platform, users may from other channels to enter your platform, you consume content, accumulated a certain level of trust, and then enjoy your provide decoration services, so I always thought that the decoration industry content operation is crucial. read more

A point of view on the operation of local websites

we do local stations, and initially with blood filled, three, five, in addition to two to pull up the banner to buy a domain name, since then, the world has one or more N sites. However, after the establishment of the discovery, the fact is not as simple as imagined, in most cases, you end up dead.

at the end of the year, occasionally leisure, and then casually wrote.

, avoid tantaiqiuquan and fancy

I remember a small local forum which was built at the very beginning. Now I see whether a person is unprofessional or not, first of all, how much is the forum section?. So many examples tell us, the page is not more, the more fine is appropriate, but less, more broad is good, read more

How can a restless heart stand

is not easy to be a full-time webmaster, but it’s more difficult to be a successful full-time webmaster. The thought that their technology has been home, not to say that Ding Lei can have such achievements, but also at least able to mix out a well-known site to come. As a result, the fact is far from the ideal, full-time webmaster done half a year, the site has a lot, but can not find a flow. The life of each site is so fragile, the speed of the station is faster than the station. Do stand every day, every day off the station, repeatedly done repeatedly, repeatedly do the courage to speak repeatedly, really moving, but the moving story is not necessarily a successful story, people do not necessarily feel pity, read more

How to quickly raise the PR value

I am

network enthusiasts, also built a few stations, including the software download site, online movie station, and business station, are personal hobbies. In the registration and use of domain name process, found that part of the domain name used only six months to PR4, dare not exclusive, especially to share with you.


method is simple:

first you have to have a relatively high PR value domain (I PR=4) resolved to your new site, then the newly registered domain name and the website to be bound, the PR value of GOOGLE after the update, you will find that the new domain name registration will rise to the original PR domain equivalent. read more

A comment on the forum’s replies to ad postings

in recent days, often go to the forum shopping, found the reply post in N advertising, there is only an expression map, other characters of the whole is to promote their products, something good, is to write a few comments on the article, followed with publicity of their company or product the text, the propaganda is perhaps they believed they would receive the actual effect, then you don’t know the marketing forum.

let me tell you, you in this way, even to the forum all years, even if the moderator does not delete your comment, you would not have the effect, so I can definitely tell you. read more

Buy connection please be cautious and cautious

March 20th, third months of selling connections, no fewer than 50 friends who have worked together, and the connection has reached 80

here gives buyers some advice:

1. look at website BAIDU snapshot

see if the connection he sold yesterday was recorded by BAIDU, and if not, the 99% is a liar,

2. look at GOOGLE snapshot

prevents PR steering from being cheated

3. check included

recommends the use of  , while querying, collecting and anti connect situation, in addition, you can easily query PR read more