The original content on the website why not included

sometimes we spend a long time to write an article that is very high weight of the original article, published on the website of the jubilant waiting for the next moment included, however, to search engine queries, or that is not included. This is why? In fact we forget is one of the key steps, that is at the time of writing, the first check whether there is this kind of article on the network, according to the part of the webmaster test, as long as the similarity of not more than 30% articles belong to the original content. read more

Shanghai dragon every hour and moment in progress

Shanghai Longfeng progressThe


intimate search to a certain extent on the many websites, search engines.

the process

2. intimate search


from the marketing point of view is to lay the Shanghai Longfeng traffic based website marketing mode from the first flow of the flow under the condition of increasing the conversion rate of the last to achieve the purpose of marketing. In the development of Shanghai dragon let website to achieve a qualitative improvement, regardless of the content or page design, because good site must be necessary on these conditions will have good rankings. The ultimate aim of marketing is to precipitate users, these users will also maintain a process. read more