A Tribe Called Quest Hits Number One On Billboard For First Time In Over Twenty Years

first_imgA Tribe Called Quest‘s final album, We Got It From Here….Thank You 4 Your Service, has officially debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 charts. The album, which sold 135,000 in its debut week, marks the second time the iconic hip-hop group has reached the top spot in their career, and first time since Beats, Rhymes, and Life came out over twenty years ago.Social Consciousness And Racial Inequality Are Front And Center On A Tribe Called Quest’s Surprise Comeback Album [Review]According to Billboard, We Got It From Here…. surpasses Jeezy‘s stint as the longest gap between #1 albums in the hip-hop category, while only Lionel Richie‘s 2012 album, Tuskeegee (which took 25 years for Richie to reach #1 again) surpassed Tribe’s wait among all genres. The new ATCQ album has received accolades from across the musical spectrum, and witnessed the group bring back that socially conscious old-school vibe from the genre’s Golden Era, which has been lacking in recent years.The group recently appeared on Saturday Night Live with host Dave Chappelle for a two-song performance, and has announced preliminary plans for a highly-anticipated final World Tour, with details still to come. Check out the group’s video for “We The People….” below:[via Billboard]last_img read more

MRT Jakarta to chop down 867 trees for phase 2 construction

first_imgSilvia stressed that the whole process would be carried out in compliance with the prevailing rules, with the company consulting the Jakarta Parks and Urban Forestry Agency prior to commencing the removal of the greenery.“We have examined the trees and reported to the Jakarta Parks and Urban Forestry Agency to seek guidance on whether the trees should be replaced and what species [should be replanted],” Silvia told reporters recently.Provisions for replanting are laid out in Jakarta Governor Decree No. 792/1997.Meanwhile, the agency has identified 214 healthy trees that will be able to be transplanted, while another 653 trees in a poorer condition will need to be removed and replaced with 1,863 new trees. Hundreds of trees on roadside green belts in Central Jakarta are to be cut down to make way for the phase 2 development of the MRT line, which is currently under way, the developer has said.A total of 867 trees growing along Jl. MH Thamrin, the National Monument (Monas) complex and Jl. Museum will be relocated or replaced, PT MRT Jakarta construction director Silvia Halim said recently.The process began last week and is expected to be finished within two months, said the official of the city-owned transportation company. A healthy tree is one that has a high chance of survival and a long lifespan.At the Monas complex, which is one of the capital’s largest green spaces, the company will be replanting with trees that have a diameter of more than 40 centimeters, while trees that are to be replanted along Jl. MH Thamrin will range in size from 10-25 cm in diameter.The trees that are to be chopped down because of their poor condition or short lifespan will be brought to the parks agency’s lumber yard in Pondok Pinang, South Jakarta, for processing. “They will be processed so as to provide added value, instead of just being disposed of,” Silvia said.Read also: Jakarta MRT developer keen not to dig up trouble in route expansionThe trees that potentially have a longer lifespan will be relocated to the southern side of the Monas complex and a forest nursery in Srengseng, West Jakarta, that is managed by the agency.Twelve types of trees will be replanted by MRT Jakarta including trembesi (Albizia saman), tabebuya (Handroanthus chrysotrichus), bungur (Lagerstroemia sp.), pulai (Alstonia scholaris), damar (Dipterocarpaceae sp.) and flamboyan (Delonix regia).The entire process will require approximately Rp 5 billion (US$339,170), said MRT Jakarta president director William Sabandar.Besides land acquisition, upholding environmental sustainability and the preservation of cultural heritage sites will continue to be crucial aspects in the development of the MRT line in Jakarta, which aims to create a total network of 240 kilometers of railway track over the next few years.In the first phase of the MRT development, the company had to remove some 1,500 trees along its planned route.Earlier this year, city authorities were on the receiving end of criticism over the removal of hundreds of trees in the Monas complex.However, Jakarta is beginning to gain global recognition in its efforts to implement sustainable development in transportation, as it embarks on a long-term plan to develop integrated transportation systems.Read also: Jakarta wins ‘honorable mention’ for sustainable transportationThe development of MRT phase 2A in Jakarta spans 5.8 kilometers from Bundaran HI Station in Central Jakarta to the Kota Tua district in West Jakarta, consisting of seven underground stations. It is scheduled to be completed by March 2026.The phase 2B plan will add two elevated stations from Kota to the train depot in Ancol, North Jakarta.Construction officially commenced on July 15 when the contractor started work on contract package 201 – the construction of a 2.67-kilometer underground tunnel between the Bundaran HI and Monas stations. It is scheduled to be completed within five years.The Jakarta Transportation Agency has partly closed one lane on either side of Jl. MH Thamrin, which are impacted by the project, starting from in front of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) building and heading north until the Bank Indonesia complex, and from in front of the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry heading south until the Thamrin 10 building on the other side of the road.Topics :last_img read more

OTI ADJEI: Jordan must use Villa to regain Ghana’s love

first_imgThere is a particular story Abedi Ayew Pele likes to tell when you ask about which of his sons three sons looked most likely to follow his footsteps into football greatness.He talks about Rahim Ayew’s doggedness from the start, his strong affection for everything sports and Dede Ayew’s desire from an early age to play football too.Then there is Jordan Ayew, who Abedi says fancied a career as a Formula One driver and never quite bothered about football. Abedi also always adds that all that was despite the fact that Jordan was easily to him the most talented of the three.Dede Ayew follows a similar narrative when you ask about his brothers. The Swansea forward has become the shining light of the family now, the torchbearer for a family whose roots in football runs deep and at the highest level. For him Jordan Ayew has always seemed special.It is not a universally held opinion.Dede is viewed as the closest thing to the Abedi Pele who made us fall madly in love with the European champions league, the Abedi who could drag the Black Stars through the most difficult game and the Abedi some loved to hate but couldn’t help applauding when he pulled off some of those insane skills and won games for Ghana so often. There is even something in their body language on the football field; the constant encouragement by clapping hands to teammates and the way that left hand is bent almost as if the captain’s armband must be worn at a specific angle.For Dede, the initial resentment, some of it fuelled by nothing other than his background and status of his father has given way to admiration at how much effort he puts in and how well he has done in a football sense.And the more you look at the Jordan Ayew story, the more you feel he is at that stage now too. The new Aston Villa striker, it seems can’t do much right in the eyes of many Ghanaians. He is lampooned and picked on regularly.People moan about the way he wears his pants, parents complain it will influence their kids the wrong way and some can’t stand the fact that he has a permanent surliness about him. When Jordan Ayew skins a German defender, runs the full length of the half and goes for goal himself rather than pass, it becomes the definitive reason why Ghana didn’t make the knockout stage of the World Cup.Everyone conveniently  forgets that in the same game Agyemang Badu hit a shot over the bar in a three on two situation with Dede Ayew and Asamoah Gyan either side of him.So in a way the Premiership represents Jordan’s best chance to win over many of those whose default mode is to question everything about him from his talent and attitude to how he dresses on the pitch.It is a massive stage. At 23 years he has considerable experience at the highest level already. Two Africa Cup of Nations, played in two semi finals, one final, played in World Cup games, European champions league ties and Ligue 1 experience is a good resume for any footballer that age.But the premiership will be different.There will be many Aston Villa and Ghana fans watching every movement. For Villa fans the demand will be simple; for him to score goals and help them bin Christian Benteke’s memory for good. For Ghana fans it will be to prove to the world we have proper ballers from here.The good thing for him is that in this case he can kill two birds with one stone.If he scores for Villa with the whole country watching, his reputation will only soar here and while there may never be a wholesale acceptance of his strong personality, there will be respect for  Jordan the footballer. That is what the Premiership offers him: a stage to grow his personal brand and reputation because this is the league we all love to watch.In a way it is unfair to the national stars who don’t play there and Jordan is a case in point. His form for Lorient last season was stunning.He scored goals from outside the box, he scored tap ins, he scored headers, he scored penalties and he set many up too. He has pace and can beat a man in a one on one situation any day.But he did a lot of those away from the glare of a public hyper critical of him. Now he can do it as they watch and maybe appreciate him more. It will not be easy by any means. Those Benteke shoes are massive to fill but those same shoes will offer encouragement. A talented young man who came over from Belgium and took his opportunity with both hands. There will be pressure on Jordan to do same and his ability to shut everything out and just concentrate on football will come in handy.It may represent a gamble for Aston Villa but so is every transfer. Hopefully Jordan will take his chance begin to change the sometimes negative narrative beginning to cloud his fine talent.–Michael Oti Adjei is a senior writer at Allsports.com.gh. Follow him on Twitter @OtiAdjeilast_img read more

16 arrested in Florida child porn investigation, over 1400 charges filed

first_imgThe Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested 16 people in a child porn investigation; Operation Guardians of Innocence V.Officials say the suspects range in age from 18 to 64, and they face a combined 1,409 charges. Investigators said some of the suspects had images and videos with victims as young as 6 months old.Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said “These images are not just pictures of children without clothes. These videos and photographs are horrific images of children being forced to expose their genitalia and forced to perform sex acts – images of children being raped,” Judd said. “Those who upload and share child pornography are victimizing children over and over again. Those arrested in this operation create the demand that sustains a child pornographic exploitation distribution pipeline that traumatizes children across the world. Their behavior is disgusting.”last_img read more

Home cookin’

first_imgWhen I took a look at the Pitt’s football schedule and saw Virginia Tech penciled in I automatically chalked up the win to the Hokies. The horrible losses Pitt suffered at the hands of Youngstown State and Cincinnati certainly reinforced the logic behind my prediction. You can now officially gloat, boys and girls; the “great Swami” was wrong. Pitt danced all over VT, 35-17. Next up is Gardner-Webb. Gardner, who? Well if the Panthers don’t experience a significant letdown, all indicators point to their record being elevated to 2-2 on September 23, the day after they face who? Gardner-Webb.Is this a tale of two teams or a team that is on a road with various speed bumps, unscheduled rest stops and breakdowns? Pitt head coach Paul Chryst had this to say after the game, “A season is a journey. You can’t get to one part of it without getting through others. This one day, we did what we needed to do and came out with the victory.”Chryst is of the correct mindset that turnovers are sequential as to how they occur and are always team oriented. He asked and then answered the following question, “Why do you get a pick? It has everything to do with everyone on the field. It can be a defensive back away from the ball. It can be pressure away from the ball. It can be pressure on the quarterback. Those picks are team takeaways.”One of the reasons Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer has been successful throughout his coaching career is that he has almost always created game wreakers and really has never been much of an excuse maker. “I have to give Pitt lot of credit,” he said shortly after the game concluded. “I thought they were well-prepared. I thought (number) four (Rushel Shell) was hard to bring down and I thought there were hitting on all cylinders.”It appeared that Pitt had an engine replacement. To turn such an ominous beginning of their season around against a team as good as Virginia Tech was surprising, very surprising to say the least.My congrats to the Pitt squad, but I must caution QB Tino Sunseri who seemed to be a bit terse in his responses when questioned after the game. My perception was it was like a few moments of “I told you so.” Young man here is some advice from an older fellow. “Be careful how you respond after a win because one victory does not define a season.”Men at Work…Being in the Press Box at Heinz Field sometimes causes you to miss small nuances of a Steelers game, such as watching “Steely McBeam” parading throughout the stadium causing some female fans to get “excited.” I am also certain that the smell of ‘pierogies’ and ‘ I.C. Light’ was more welcoming to the nostrils of the Pittsburgh faithful as opposed to the aroma of one of the favorite dishes served in Denver: Bison (buffalo) in a mustard cognac cream sauce. The Steelers should have easily concluded any item topped with mustard cognac cream sauce would upset the blue collar gastronomical balance of their team. There would be no Pepto Bismol requests put forth from the Pittsburgh sideline last Sunday afternoon after the Steelers dismantled the NY Jets, 27-10.The Steelers had just been smoked by Peyton Manning and the Broncos on the preceding Sunday, plus two of their All-Pro defensive players James Harrison and Troy Polamalu would not dress for the Jets game. I had all sorts of dire predictions for the Black and Gold. I envisioned the Jets head man Rex “Tyrannosaurus Rex” Ryan dialing up blitz after blitz and stunt after stunt bewildering and befuddling the sore and outmanned Steelers front offensive “five.” I now realize why Steely McBeam was not as visible as usual. The reason is that the Steelers donned hard hats instead of their normal football helmets, put out the sandwich board “men at work” sign and got very, very, busy. After the game concluded there were empty cardboard boxes littering the Black and Gold’s sideline bench area. When I inquired as to what the empty boxes had contained, I was informed by an anonymous source (me) that the Steelers had stolen and smuggled about one hundred cases of “whoopa—” from Manning’s “whoopa—” warehouse. When I asked did they use it all up. I received a very clear response, “hell no.” Matter of fact something tells me that they are going to need more than a few cans next Sunday when they travel out to the “black hole” of the NFL to face the Oakland Raiders. They cannot rely on UPS, Federal Express or USPS Priority Mail to deliver their surplus supply of “whoopa—” to “Cali” for fear of it being lost or stolen. They had better take it with them because if not, they won’t be ‘California Dreamin, they’ll be “California Steamin.”(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at [email protected]­pittsburghcourier.com or 412-583-6741. Bruce can also be heard on the ‘Odd Couple Sports Show’ where he is the AFC North and NFL analyst. The show is hosted by Adam Ragle streaming live on the WCWA Fox Sports Toledo 1230AM Wednesdays at 10 am during the regular season.)last_img read more

Kiren Rijiju announces zonal committees to scout talent in the country for FIFA WC…

first_imgAdvertisement 1d0qNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vsaq9blWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre Ecn1v( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) 2lfzcWould you ever consider trying this?😱omCan your students do this? 🌚qqRoller skating! Powered by Firework Minister for sports and youth affairs Kiren Rijiju outlined an elaborate plan to scout talent across the nation in a bid to achieve FIFA World Cup qualification. The strategy involves five zonal committees and aims for the nation to qualify for the World Cup and the Olympics in the next 10-15 years. Advertisement The minister claimed that this approach aims to make India a sporting powerhouse. The programme would be funded by  Sports Authority of India under the Khelo India Programme in partnership with the All India Football Federation. Rijiju added that this would be the ‘most aggressive exercise’ implemented by the ministry.Advertisement He revealed to Suni Chhetri through a virtual programme organised by Football Delhi that the committee will be formed in the next few months. He stated:“We will form five talent scouting committees in the next few months, one for each zone — north, south, east, west and northeast — under Khelo India Programme of SAI in partnership with AIFF,”Advertisement “We cannot go with the usual approach, we have to go deeper in a professional way. It will be the most aggressive exercise we had ever done. We have to find out talented children below 12 years from every nook and corner of the country whether it is northeast, the tribal areas of central India, coastal areas, south or north,” he added.Rijiju aspires for World Cup and Olympic qualificationApart from scouting talent, the programme also aims to give financial assistance to state governments and the federation as well in order to conduct local leagues to nurture talent and giving them a platform to showcase their ability. This will also enable scouting at a grass-root level.AIFF president Praful Patel expressed his delight over the ministry’s decision. He said:“A more aggressive and comprehensive programme right to the last village of the country with SAI’s financial support is welcome. I am very happy to hear this from the minister,”Moreover, Sunil Chhetri who turned 36, was part of the virtual programme and gave his inputs to the ambitious and optimistic approach by the ministry. He stated:“Talent identification and right coaching is the most crucial thing. If we can identify all the talented children of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years of age and give them right coaching, we will go miles and the change will be monumental,” he said.“We have not tapped the entire talent pool in this country. Since we have not searched the whole of the country, the idea that India is yet to arrive is wrong.”If you like reading about MMA, make sure you check out MMAIndia.com Also, follow India’s biggest arm wrestling tournament at ProPanja.comALSO READ:Players required to sign SOP guidelines prepared by BCCI before resuming training Advertisementlast_img read more