HTC to focus on making a few awesome devices in 2012

first_imgIn the recent past, Android hardware manufacturers have been belching out new phones and tablets faster than Apple (who offers up one new phone a year with great success) pushes patches for iOS to end users. HTC is certainly guilty of this particular infraction. With almost 20 phones currently on the market (as well as a handful of tablets), they’re as stark a contrast to the Apple strategy as you’re likely to find.That’s going to change in 2012, it would seem. At the company’s year-end dinner, ever-vocal CEO Peter Chou said that it’s time for HTC to take a good, hard look at its approach to the mobile market. Chou went so far as to say the launches of the iPhone and Galaxy S2 were like “nuclear weapons” dropping on the gadget landscape. HTC’s not going to back down from a good fight, of course, so Chou is pushing his crew to narrow its focus. They’ll offer fewer tablets and zero in on producing high-end hardware that offers consumers “something special,” according to Phil Roberson, HTC’s UK chief. We’ve already seen some of HTC’s upcoming phones leaked. The quad-core 2.5GHz Zeta looks like an absolute beast, and the diminutive Primo should bring high-end Beats Audio to users at a very reasonable price. There should be some additional models on display come MWC2012 — and it’ll be very interesting to see just how many HTC brings to the show.One of the big reasons HTC has re-evaluated its strategy is a big slide in income during the fourth fiscal quarter of 2011. The company posted $324 million, which was a drop of 26%. Perhaps giving consumers a handful of mind-blowing, attractive devices instead of tossing dozens of models of varying specs at them will get HTC back on track this year.More at The Next Weblast_img read more