Black Eyed Peas Reunite To Launch Appeal To Stop Shootings And Violence

first_imgAfter a five year hiatus, the Black Eyed Peas have reunited to help communities in crisis via a transformation of their 2003 #1 breakthrough hit “Where’s The Love?” into “#WHERESTHELOVE”.Credited as The Black Eyed Peas Ft. The World, the song and accompanying video campaign calls for calm, asking citizens of the world to stop the hate and violence that has resulted in many lives lost in Baton Rouge, Baltimore, Ferguson, Orlando, St. Paul, Brussels, Paris, Istanbul, and sadly the list goes on.“The World” in The Black Eyed Peas Ft. The World features a wealth of talent joining,, Taboo and Fergie on “#WHERESTHELOVE” including performers Jamie Foxx, Ty Dolla $ign, Mary J. Blige, Diddy, Cassie, Andra Day, The Game, Tori Kelly, V. Boseman, Jessie J, French Montana, Justin Timberlake, DJ Khaled, Usher, Nicole Scherzinger, A$AP Rocky, Jaden Smith and a 40-member children’s choir.The campaign kicks off with the “#WHERESTHELOVE” music video available exclusively on Apple Music at, and song available for download exclusively on iTunes at After the 24 hour iTunes exclusive global premiere period, the song will be going wide to all digital retailers. The Black Eyed Peas, Interscope Records and iTunes will donate all of their respective proceeds from the purchase of the song in the United States to foundation, a non-profit foundation that is transforming lives through education, inspiration and opportunity created by Black Eyed Peas front man tandem with the launch of the campaign, the Foundation, and foundation education partner and leading geospatial company Esri revealed a Story Map that maps all U.S. neighborhoods and draws attention to those that are struggling due to low spending on education, high unemployment, high poverty and murder rates.Esri assembled maps using data from the Sentencing Project, the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the National Association of State Budget Officers, the U.S. Census Bureau, and Esri’s Living Atlas of the World. These maps provide context about communities in crisis, including those plagued by police killing unarmed civilians, civilians killing police officers, and civilians killing each other based upon hate and intolerance around race, gender and religious beliefs. Communities such as: Baltimore, Maryland; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Ferguson, Missouri; St. Paul, Minnesota; New York City and Sanford/Orlando, Florida are included. The maps are available for any city, town or rural area in the U.S.“, the Black Eyed Peas, and the Foundation are change agents for communities with the work they do focused on youth and advancing STEM education,” said Jack Dangermond, president of Esri.To learn more about the Black Eyed Peas call-to-action campaign and the importance of investing in education to break the cycle of poverty and violence, watch an ATTN: interview with Black Eyed Peas band members, and Taboo.“ATTN: is thrilled to be working with the Black Eyes Peas to highlight pressing social issues that warrant community activism. Together we will continue to share informative and empowering content on ATTN: to further the message of Where’s The Love?,” commented Matthew Segal, ATTN: Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief.The Foundation collaborates with organizations including College Track and FIRST Robotics to offer STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) focused educational programs for K-12 students in underserved communities, including Boyle Heights/East Los Angeles, and Ferguson, Missouri.The Black Eyed Peas wish to thank hundreds of concerned citizens who volunteered their time and talent to perform/appear within the video, write and perform the music, film and edit the music video and behind-the-scenes elements, create the community GIS mapping project, develop social media assets, and provide significant marketing, promotion, legal and non-profit advisory services.See for the full list of credits, volunteer contributors and officially aligned charities.last_img read more


first_imgAdvertisement Login/Register With: Advertisement Facebook LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Toronto-area student Kishore Thavaneethan is asking actress Nina Dobrev out to his prom with a slick dance video that features songs from Drake and Bruno Mars.In the video, entitled “Nina Dobrev, will you be my date to prom?” the teen tells the Hollywood actress: “If you could come, that would be amazing.”Nina DobrevComplete with back-up performers, he dances to songs that include Drake’s “Best I Ever Had,” Bruno Mars’s “Finesse” and “Paatha Oru Lookula” from the Bollywood film “Inimey Ippadithan!” “The first two are my favorites — and you know Drake and her were on ‘Degrassi,’” he told over the phone. “They’re also great songs to dance to.”Dobrev, best known from the TV shows “The Vampire Diaries” and “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” is a “huge role model” for Thavaneethan.She grew up in Scarborough, Ont., where Thavaneethan spent his childhood. “It was inspiring to see her act,” he said, adding her success story is a big reason why he wants to become an actor and dancer himself.“I think if she can make it from there, it’s possible for me as well,” he said, adding he hopes she accepts. “I think Nina is someone … who thinks outside the box and would take on the challenge.”In the video, Thavaneethan promises it will be an “unforgettable night.” The big day is May 2 at Middlefield Collegiate Institute in Markham, Ont. So the ball is in her court.BEHIND THE SCENES: ‘IT WAS FREEZING’Thavaneethan and his friend, who runs the Toronto-based videography company VM Images, shot the video during the chilly March break. He admitted dancing in a tank top might not have been the best decision“It was freezing. It was minus 10 [degrees]. You have no idea how cold it was,” he told CP24 on Monday. But he praised his back-up dancers and high school friends Anam Mulla and Kaaja Gnaneswaran for sticking it out.As for his future, Thavaneethan’s work ethic goes beyond the dance floor.He’s been accepted in the law, politics and governance programs at Western University, Waterloo, Laurier and Ryerson University. But he still wants to still pursue acting in some form or another.“I also want to minor in acting or something performance-based,” he said. Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

Mackler Out as CEO Chairman at HMP

first_imgPaul Mackler no longer is chairman and CEO of HMP Holdings, the parent company of healthcare publisher HMP Communications and the North American Center for Continuing Medical Education. The announcement was made to staffers late last week.Company president and COO Jeff Hennessy has been promoted to replace Mackler [pictured] as CEO. Phil Thompson, a general partner at private equity owner Alta Communications, declined to comment on the circumstances surrounding Mackler’s departure but said it was a mutual decision.“I have the highest regard for Paul on a personal and professional level, and I and the board obviously wish him well on his future activities,” Thompson said. “He worked very hard for HMP during a tough environment and we’re grateful for his efforts.” “Jeff is a strong leader with a great deal of experience in the healthcare field, and his intimate knowledge of the entire organization will make this a smooth and seamless transition.” Mackler wrote in an e-mail to FOLIO:. “The board and I feel very confident in Jeff’s ability to lead the company going forward.”Thompson did not talk about HMP’s revenues last year but said the healthcare industry as a whole, like so many others, suffered losses. “The marketplace in 2009 certainly wasn’t a lot of fun. It’s too early to tell what it will look like in 2010 but a little tail wind would be nice, and we’re slightly more optimistic than we were during most of 2009, although again it’s early. Regardless, we’ve got the right people, products and level of commitment and we’re ready for whatever is ahead of us.”Mackler, along with former HMP Holdings CFO Ken Fisher, partnered with Alta to acquire HMP Communications and NAACME in August 2007. Fisher left HMP in November and the company is actively seeking a replacement, Thompson said.Before HMP, Mackler served as CEO of Cygnus Business Information, the trade publisher he co-acquired in 2000 with private equity firm ABRY Partners for more than $200 million. Prior to that, he served as CEO of Reed Exhibitions.HMP Communications publishes several medical journals, including Wounds, Podiatry Today, Cath Lab Digest, the Journal of Invasive Cardiology, First Report—Managed Care and Skin & Aging.last_img read more

drawthisinyourstyle How Instagram got inspired by a woman holding a key

first_img Tags Post a comment Share your voice Instagram 0 Online Jo Rioux’s Instagram drawing is beguiling. A mysterious woman holds a key. She’s surrounded by ghostly hands. Her eyes are open wide. In surprise? Shock? Fear? Rioux, an author and illustrator based in Ottawa, first posted the drawing as part of the #drawthisinyourstyle hashtag. Jo Rioux #Drawthisinyourstyle is an Instagram phenomenon. A popular art exercise in which artists take each other’s drawings and redo them in their own style, it’s evolved into a worldwide art conversation that’s currently 720,000 posts deep. Images that kick off a #drawthisinyourstyle challenge are often quirky — a girl with giant anime eyes and yellow boots crouching under a pink umbrella, a woman with bangs and an hourglass figure standing in front of giant circular leaves. There’s usually something distinctive about the original drawings, some striking props or features. Artists apply their own touches, and a whole new universe is born. David Sierra Listón, a children’s illustrator based in Madrid, saw Rioux’s drawing and instantly fell in love with it.”I felt like her illustration … was telling a story,” Listón said.Listón drew it in his style, adding his version to what’s now a mind-blowing pile of more than 5,000 iterations of the key-holding Victorian lady Rioux first put out into the Instagram universe on Jan. 13.As far as these challenges go, that’s a lot.Scroll through the posts tagged with #joriouxdrawstyle (the hashtag Rioux made to corral versions of her drawing). You’ll find drawings faithful to the original and others that opt for the abstract. At times, the woman looks vacant or desperate. Hands claw at her hair and her dress. Other times, she looks like she could wield supernatural powers. The hands can be comedic antagonists, poking her or giving her rabbit ears. In one version, the woman is a cat entranced and tangled in yarn. The creations amount to thousands of little windows into the internet’s creative subconscious, letting viewers in on the darkest, funniest, quirkiest tendencies of the Instagram art community. Getting handsy Rioux’s mysterious Victorian woman, with her cryptic, wide-eyed expression, grew out of a sketch she did in October 2017 during InkTober, a monthlong challenge in which artists post ink drawings online. Upon looking at the sketch again, Rioux said it reminded her of the story of Bluebeard, a folktale about a man who kills his wives. After he marries his eighth wife, he gives her a key and tells her she can go anywhere in the house she wants except one room. Eventually, she enters that room and discovers the bodies of the seven previous wives, drops the key in blood, and thanks to a pesky enchantment, can’t clean the key to hide what she’s done. Bluebeard will find out. For Rioux, the hands in the drawing are those of the murdered wives, and the look on the woman’s face the realization of what her fate might be. Those mysterious elements — the hands, the key, the face — proved to be part of what attracted the attention of illustrators from places including the US, Russia, Spain, Ukraine and France. “I felt like I could change it a bit and make it my own,” said Jordan Stewart, who works at a graphic design agency in Provo, Utah. Stewart likes drawing fantasy characters, and he’s got a sense of humor about them. In his variation on Rioux’s illustration, the woman isn’t consumed by an impending horror. She’s about to take a giant bite out of a cheeseburger. Style and substance Artists say participating in #drawthisinyourstyle is fun and accessible. Sometimes the biggest artistic challenge is figuring out what to draw, Rioux and Stewart say. #Drawthisinyourstyle solves that. For Kelsey Eng, a Los Angeles-area animator who’s worked as an artist for Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, it’s a chance to refine her own style. She realized her preference for the contrast between curves and sharp edges. She enjoyed figuring out what details to add — like black nail polish, earrings and extra ruffles on the woman’s dress. Eng also felt like it was a way to branch out, create something completely different. She talked about another #drawthisinyourstyle she did of a blue-skinned demon girl. “Usually my characters are more representative of my personality, which is quiet, but his character had more attitude,” she said. “I’ve never drawn a character with a horn coming out of her head.” Thomas La Padula, an adjunct professor at the Pratt Institute and a longtime illustrator, said that while an older guard of professional illustrators might not get the idea of producing a piece for fun versus pay, anything that gets people drawing has merit. Plus, there are other benefits — engaging with other artists in what can be a solitary pursuit, showing off new work and maybe even getting a new portfolio piece. “That’s the beauty of the internet,” he said. “You can see people’s work, where before you had to see it in print.” Since Rioux’s first outing into #drawthisinyourstyle, she’s drawn six variations of other artists’ work, including a girl in front of brightly colored leaves, which in her reworked version has a soft, earthy color palette.   She believes #drawthisinyourstyle expands our notion of what’s possible. “I think everyone really enjoys seeing one idea through a thousand different lenses.”  last_img read more