How should the media learn to create ‘ll tell you at four

The development of

from the media in recent years can be said to be very quickly, not only because of the laying of basic conditions of the rise of WeChat for the development from the media, it is because of the mode of reading environment, profit now (Fu Fei) and the precipitation of user groups to an ideal state, and since the development of the media it was a natural thing for granted. But a good development environment does not mean that as long as you pay will return, fierce competition will also target from the media to do a screening, only good from the media to the user in mind the real root germination. Then everyone will ask, how can the media be qualified to stay?. read more

s there a short cut to a successful stop

station is really a shortcut? Certainly not a station, if you start thinking about how to make money, how to get traffic? I can tell you that to work! A few days ago in the group chat inside to see some friends said a month through advertising to earn 5K…… Wait……

so I also want to use the station to make money, immediately apply for GG account, very smooth…… Start advertising! Two months later, GG is only $6.XX, $0.0X a day to rise, I am actually used the station to make money is not easy, so I began to suspect that the inside of the netizen said, if he can get a station to do a month earn 5K if that person is not in the group of complacency, and you have seen ADMIN5 webmaster, refused to fish swimming in the group with netizens said how much money a month? read more

English basic knowledge of the station perhaps you can avoid detours

in the face of increasingly severe form, the domestic webmaster to English station slowly, if to do English station? Here to talk about the basic steps, each specific link is complex, here is not to introduce more, only said:


1. directions: consider foreigners and our way of life and way of thinking and purchasing power are very different, they pay more attention to leisure and convenience, we can consider the direction of the time to close it, visit the English website, more along the way to. read more

From Cool 6 nets listing talk about the way out of Web2 0 entrepreneurship

Web2.0 two years ago when a lot of concepts like a raging fire, Web2.0, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as the birth, such as blog sites, video sites, SNS sites, Witkey websites, which are many, we once thought that Web2.0 is an Internet entrepreneur boy. Now two or three years later, after a look back at the original mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, aspiring Web2.0 business website put up a pageantry, survive not much, live well even less, live moisten hope listed is very rare, and has been listed on the current seems to be only a cool 6 network, which belongs to the field of network video field. read more

Do standing for two months experience

Two months

station, in November 20 the opening of the site is normal, busy for more than a month, IP has reached about 4000, not very dependent on search and search to a few IP, now a key summary.

1. pre planning website, do not do on their own are not familiar with the industry, must determine the two issues before deciding what to do, what website: website can have a certain market, try to find the market gap, don’t look too much to avoid large sites monopoly market or do play website the short board, the best choice in several directions to spare. After you have decided a few, choose one of your favorite industries. It’s important to like what you like. It is important to know what to do and to choose what you like. read more

Aunt very long the milk tea

aunt very long, the operation of the aunt is really busy, as the leader in the field of tea, aunt very mang tea by consumers. Aunt is a popular Jiangsu traditional tea tea tea shop, in order to let the Chinese people better to drink tea, tea aunt started mango drink special, once launched, by going to consumers.

aunt very long, what exactly?

in order to get out of a China special tea Road, after ten years of mang aunt very carefully developed a comprehensive desktop, Hong Kong and Thai style three most people welcome the essence of tea, a cup of tea, three schools, allow consumers to enjoy the rich, Hong Kong style tea table, tea smooth Thai tea mellow, fashion, health, good drink. read more

How to open a restaurant franchise innovation

restaurant franchise can be described as everywhere, and can go on for a long time to go on the little, know how to innovate the food and beverage franchise can only go to the end of the smile, then what are the innovative strategies of food and beverage stores?

mode of operation

rotary type, package, buffet, tea, fast food takeaway, food culture festival etc..

read more

Blogging tips 5 factors make your blog stand out

, as part of the last 5 steps to teach you how to create viral content, this article explores the details of an excellent blog from its title, content, SEO, and interaction.

a good blog needs to meet 3 basic requirements: 1: can give your audience to bring knowledge and information; 2: to search engine friendly (SEO); 3: the author himself is full of energy, insist on bringing good content. A blog that achieves the above 3 conditions should have the following 5 elements:

#1: there’s a moving title, read more

mprove Baidu weight just four words outside the chain originality

in the forum to see someone asked how to increase the weight of the railway station, is about two days before the new website Baidu big update ranking in severe decline, the conclusion is mostly due to the weight of the new website is not so ranking drop.

how to increase the weight of new sites, etc.? Is a good way, but also a choice of lazy webmaster. It will be nice to wait a while, but how long can I wait until I ask Baidu?. So, diligent webmaster will ask, in addition to wait, is there no other way to increase the weight of the new web site, so that the site can climb up as soon as possible? read more

Local portal community closer to life than traditional media

is one of the true saying in the media: "who occupy your life longer, who is more valuable to the media." This saying yes, 20 years ago, the TV in the Chinese are not popular age, people get information broadcast at leisure is essential equipment, and some people even broadcast from the hand, go to listen to the radio programs, access to the information they want. It is conceivable that broadcasting is the most valuable media besides newspapers in those days. And after 90s, TV gradually into the millions of households, almost every family can receive television programs. Television was replaced by radio, and the combination of sound and painting, a more direct and lively way of communication, was accepted. "Seeing is believing, is" the truth in the television media information embodied in the most incisive. Every night at 7 o’clock, while eating, television broadcast CCTV news broadcast, China’s history of the spread of a unique landscape, even now, the news network ratings are extremely high. This, of course, has a lot to do with local radio broadcasting. Newspapers, radio and television have all served as the main channels for people to obtain information in the history of communication. Adsense nets satisfied that although the three traditional media at present also has very strong vitality, but with the continuous development of the network popularization and the Internet media, the three traditional media’s role has gradually weakened to the lowest point, the Internet has become the people occupied the longest contact time of Internet media, people in the future more and more long, every webmaster should learn to mining the Internet media value, profit from value creation opportunities. read more